All entities broken after compile.

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    Alright so here's the story.

    I'm working on a jailbreak map(doesn't matter why). And as I was making an obstacle I tried to make a cogwheel looking structure and ended up crashing hammer after attempting to use the carve tool. The map was saved so no worries, however after compiling I noticed I spawned in the middle of the map, there was no lighting, and all entities were gone. I checked my vmf, and noticed that all brush entities where turned into nameless entities with oddly named values, and all regular entities have been removed completely. Is there a way to deal with this? And if so then how?
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    The "fix" is called "revert from source control". And if you have to ask about it, you can't do it, because you weren't using source control in the first place.
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    Do you have autosaves enabled? Might be time to put them to use.

    Never ever carve btw. Unless you're doing really simple stuff like hollowing out a box, you are much better off using the cut and vertex tools.
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    Rename your vmx file to vmf. It's a backup of a previous save of your vmf so that should help you unless you saved the fucked version of your vmf again. the vmx is where your vmfs are

    Also never use carve ever. Got it?
    Carve eats babies! that's a fact! So don't use it.
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    What happened is carve probably produced an invalid solid through floating point loss and you ran into the bug where opening a map with an invalid solid can erase all entities