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    What's up Mappers? My name is Brian, I'm new to mapping, but I've been doing organic modeling for about 4 years now. I also do UV mapping and texturing (but not very well). I had been focusing on 3d for film for a while, but now I'm leaning more towards gaming.

    I found this site during the ultra-painful quest to import custom objects/textures etc into Hammer, and am very close with much thanks to Hawk's awesome tutorial. I'm working with 'DryHeave' to make a hopefully fun map for TF2.

    My favorite custom map so far has been the one with the tower in the middle. As a modeler who always wants things to look good, that map is a perfect reminder that fun gameplay is the most important thing.

    I look forward to learning as much as I can about mapping here, and hopefully contributing as well! This site has already been a great resource for me, so I signed up! Nice to meet everyone.

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    Awesome, enjoy mapping, enjoy the resources, and have fun!
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    Welcome! :D