KotH Aerocondense A1

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Rubber Soul

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Jul 29, 2019
Aerocondense - An incredibly small KOTH map and guess what? It's up in the air.

This is my first working TF2 map I've created that actually works as a gamemode.

As you can see, I attempted at making an aircraft map (it doesn't really look like one at the moment) and you will definitely die if you walk off it.


There are walls (surprised?) to prevent pyros from removing everyone from existence.
This is, however, an exception for the pathways 'round to the other side.
I've read somewhere that rotated symmetry is better than mirrored symmetry, so as you can see, I've done that.

I've tried making sniper spots that don't have too bad or too good of a sight-line.


Any and all criticism is accepted.