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Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by grazr, Jul 24, 2009.

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    I'm being owned by my advanced spawns. I've assigned them associated capture points for which to activate or become redundant, yet i continue to spawn at the first spawn point for both teams regardless of what CP is owned. Presumably the advanced spawns do work, only my map simply chooses to spawn me from the same spawn point on either side of the map.

    Now, just to double check something i jumped into badlands to see if there were I/O's to physically disable and activate a group of spawn points, but, to my surprise, there are not.

    This is beginning to bug me. I'll probably find the issue before i check to find someone has replied with advice, but i can't resist the oppotunity to moan. But do leave me something tastey anyway.. if you have something.

    If this doesn't work i'll just I/O the buggers.
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    I had this problem on one of my payload maps... I think I solved it by adding an output to one of my path_tracks saying to kill the original spawn entities and enabling the forward spawns. In your case I would add an output to the CP that does the same thing.
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    I had this problem when the spawns did not have the 16units space around them.
    Check when you are playing the map that your console does not have a bunch of errors about spawn position.