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    I'd like to propose something that could save us a fair amount of legwork:

    At the top of the "Post New Thread" page could we put in big bold letters:

    STOP - Have you done the following:
    -Checked your compile log through Interlopers
    -Read your compile log to check manually for errors
    If so, post away!

    Whilst this will just be dismissed by people posting for non-compile log related stuff it should dramatically reduce the number of compile logs we get posted that are solved by the person who actually reads the damn thing.

    Edit - also, whilst I'm requesting stuff: since the home page shows the last 7 posts made, could the "new posts" button take us to a page that had more than 7? say 14 - 30 would be nice ;)
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    Thank you for the feedback, and will look into both =)