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Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Fugazi, Aug 12, 2008.

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    is there any way you can add points either to a players score or the cap point score when they shoot a func_breakable object?
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    I've already asked this, and the answer was pretty much no. There's an entity called game_score or soemthing that claims to be able to award players points for fufilling tasks (breaking something, triggering something, etc), but all it does is just add to your kill count and not your actual score.

    Say if I had 0 Kills 0 Deaths and 0 Assists, and my score was 0. If I have the entity award me, say, 2 points, I'll have 2 Kills, 0 Deaths, 0 Assists, and my score will still be 0

    Sucks I know. What you could do instead is have that func_breakable fire a capture input to an invisible control point, thus awarding you points for a capture. Possibly. I don't have access to Hammer right now, but it's worth a shot

    ETA: Or you could put a dispenser/Sentry entity (obj_sentry and obj_dispenser, IIRC) hidden from normal gameplay, and send that a break/destroy/whatever input, possbily giving you points for a Destruction. Again, theoretical, don't have Hammer now, etc....
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