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    I've been fooling around with Hammer for some time but I finally decided to start getting more serious about it. I have an idea for a small, simple arena map that I'm going to be building and then playtesting with friends over the next few weeks, so we'll see how that goes. It'll be a nice first "real" project, from which I can then move into other, more complicated projects. I've been reading up on various level design tutorials, so I think I'll be set for this project aside from the nitty-gritty design part (I'm not very artistic :p).
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    Just don't do orange and everything will be 'aight.
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    Don't forget that we do weekly playtests as well :3
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    And, if you jump in the steam chat, we set up and play impromptu map tests like every other day (all the time). If ya want your map tested anytime outside of the gamedays all you normally have to do is go there and ask for a test, as long as you aren't asking like 20 minutes after a previous impromptu test we usually find a way to set something up.