Acid water texture or swarm model?

Discussion in 'Request Area' started by Crash, Dec 19, 2010.

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    Looking for something to fill my rising trap pit KoTH point for my map, Cenotaph.

    Right now I'm using the nuclear waste texture by Void, but it really doesn't fit my theme too well. I'm looking for a decent muted color acid water texture. It needs to scream "THIS DOES DAMAGE" but fit the Egypt theme. Maybe some chunks floating in it could look cool. Just looking for something better to throw here. Doesn't necessarily need to have a texture under it, as it will never get that deep in my map, but I'm sure others would appreciate it if they used it.

    Optimally, I would love to get a modeler to throw together a scarab swarm model together that would fit in my point (thanks to Fr0Z3n for the idea!) It wouldn't need to be too detailed, but animation would be pretty important. Just a large number of scarab shaped objects moving around each other would do the trick. My pit is 512 x 512. A depth of 56 would be good, but shorter would probably work as well.

    I would really appreciate help with this as I am no good at modeling or texturing!

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    Just about the scarabs, you'd be better off going with a far more simple overlay or particle effect kind of thing, akin to the roaches in hl1 or this.
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    take a look at cp_blackmesa_final

    is that the type of water you want?

    i can give you the material info. It's normal water with adjustments made
    the light actually comes from underneath though (upside down sun)
    so i'm not sure what you were thinking for lighing