CP Abyss B81 TWO

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Blade x64

Logical insanity
Sep 3, 2009


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Dec 15, 2013
Lovey style you got there. Very minimalist, striking. This is very cool, good work!


Dec 6, 2014
Looks fokn amazing. Now lets hope it plays well.
Aug 30, 2015
Got my vote!


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Jan 29, 2015
How do I do curves like that... teach me, sensai
Dec 28, 2014
A very good looking map. The big issue we had with the playtest I was in was that it was way too hard to push past the enemy spawn to the final point.

Blade x64

Logical insanity
Sep 3, 2009
That is a glaring issue that I did not think would be so glaring until it started glaring.

It has been remedied in the latest version which will be released as soon as judging is over.


Blade x64

Logical insanity
Sep 3, 2009
Aw, I thought this one actually worked as 3cp. It had that good balance of stalemate and push that makes Powerhouse so popular.

I don't mind 3cp myself but the extra points were really just needed as a switch for the doors outside of spawn to control flow.

Also rolled with it because there are some very vocal people that feel that 3cp is shit and want me to know, so the extra points should make it better based on that incredibly insightful feedback.
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Jun 20, 2015
That's a shame. I, too, thought it worked really well as a 3CP, and I feel like it's possible to make a good 3CP map, but as long it still plays as well as it did in 3CP, I'll be satisfied.

By the way, it truly is gorgeous.
Aug 5, 2010
It is possible to make a good 3cp map. Valve did it with powerhouse. Tf2maps.net just has a hate circlejerk for stalematey maps - even if the DM going on in the map is intensely fun.


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Oct 29, 2010
It is possible to make a good 3cp map. Valve did it with powerhouse. Tf2maps.net just has a hate circlejerk for stalematey maps - even if the DM going on in the map is intensely fun.
I agree 3cp is a lot of fun. I preferred the 3cp version so much more. The gameplay was a ton more interesting and fun. Now I feel like the map has lost these features. The stalemate wasn't not fun on the map it was incredibly entertaining, it had the same push pull as Powerhouse did.

Blade x64

Logical insanity
Sep 3, 2009
If this development path ends up a dead end, I'll be returning to the 3cp version. Right now, I'm not sure what that version needs, though it might not need much at all. However, based on my observations of how it played out, I wanted to try taking it a different direction.


In the 3cp version, this room is typically about as far as the attacking force made it before getting pushed back. The location of the spawn made it so that it had to be a lucky break for most classes to get by. If attacking engineers could set up teleporters, this would give attackers a much better position to apply pressure to that exit. Unfortunately with the natural flow of games, getting and keeping teleporters up was a difficult task with lack of teamwork. To develop the 3cp version more, I'd be looking into making more ideal engi offensive positions.


I like how this final turned out, but it ended up barely seeing much complex action. Typically only stragglers made it this far and that ain't much fun. So I wanted this to see much more action.

So what I needed was at some point, there would be a door that could be closed so defenders no longer had a direct route to the curve room. This would push the fight to the other doorways and give attackers a better chance at using all of the routes. So I plopped a point in there to act as the switch so now it's technically a 5cp. The mid fight still acts as it did before which was just fine, but now we will (ideally) have a better situation with the final fight. Then there's some fighting over the door switch but who cares about that.


So here's basically how it works. The two doors right outside spawn will direct players to the relevant point. When the curve room door closes, defenders must take the longer routes to get to the switch giving attackers a better foothold. Also it wasn't intentional that it resulted in a dropdown going towards second, but I'm keeping it because I like the fact that it prevents players from spamming onto second and running back for quick and easy heals. If you get good you can crouch jump from the incline to get back up, pansy.

Recent testing wasn't that great cause stacked but so far it looks like:
  • A final set of spawns for defenders will make them immediately aware that there is, in fact, a final and another way to get to it.
  • Certain areas will need to be more eye-catching because attackers failed to notice a shortcut that opened up to final.
  • I need someone to appreciate the pretty music.
  • My precious pristine white walls will need to be tainted for the addition of additional landmarks.
  • Maybe some signs but they'll be in a new format.
  • Final cap time needs to be extended.
  • Shuffle item pickups around but who knows how to balance those.
  • Single spawns are the future. Forwards are a crutch.
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heath ledger with some dreads
Jan 8, 2015
Just going to say, everyone in this thread that are saying that they liked the 3cp version better where on the team opposite of Doom, a pro player who was dumpstering everyone in the server including me. So I'd take their one gameplay experience with a very very heavy dealing of salt (See I did there?).

As for the map, the position of the final point is very weird and not very defendable by the defending team.
Plus the absence of a middle forward spawn makes it very difficult to set up a final point push, as losing a player means losing them for at least 35 seconds. I think designing a holding area for the defending team would do wonders, because right now when defending the final point I am puzzled as to where to stand.

All in all, really enjoying the level as it stands right now, really fun to fight on all three mids. Looking forward to b3.