Absolutely No Clue What's Wrong... Except everything (Info in Desc>)

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    Well, F*ck Me for Trying something New for once. Let me explain:

    First Issue: F*cking TF2 Now has Permanently Crapped itself after Installing "FRONTLINE!" and "Mayaan Project"
    1. Decided to look up a tutorial how to make Maps for TF2, (I'm like Why the F*ck not?)
    2. Found this YouTuber, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQau-O2C0kGJpR3_CHBTGbw
    3. Watched his first three "How to make TF2 Maps" Vids,
    4. Installed Boojum's TF2 Mapping Resource Pack
    5. Installed Frontline, followed this thread's advice http://tf2maps.net/threads/noob-que...supply-drop-in-order-to-use-the-assets.28679/
    6. Installed Mayaan Project through the same help.
    7. Everything seemed to go fine, made my first test map, nothing much.
    8. TF2 updates, I get my Achievement items from some summer sale promotion, ("F*CK Yeah, I finally got My SWOOORD!"
    9. Tried to equip it on scout, the Inventory didn't update
    10. Retried three times, nothing
    11. Left my test map, joined a random tf2_plaza server after booting the game off hammer, Crashed.
    12. Tried again, got in, Server hub screen, (the one you get when you first join a map,) "Error"... Crashed.
    13. Tried again, got in the actual game, still with a bunch of errors now... Bullets from scattergun's reload animation is now large errors dropping to the ground... Didn't mind.
    14. F*cked around for a few seconds, pulled up console, Just endless Notices Piling in about Viewmodel arms, and Models themselves just... Missing or unreadable.
    15. Crashed.
    16. Punched screen, decided "F*ck it," and went to at least try to make this map idea out of the Frontline assets and things I learned to at least calm my mind about something else...
    That's when Issue two starts: MDL Missing/Not-reading Files, and No clear instructions on how to make a skybox
    1. Tried to start my psuedo-wwII (I think,) Idea up, placed in ground for the start and tried to make a skybox.
    2. Didn't know how to make one and found this MotherFaquer:
      View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfkjpnMWIXU
      (might I say, he's either, extremely fast on speed or something then, but essentially instructions not that clear.)
    3. Decided to texture my Own skybox, in a simple box, both got it to Multiply the same texture on every surface or completely do exactly what I didn't want to do.
    4. Scrapped Skybox idea for later, let me at least try to make a Blu Spawn point in/near this Model I got from the Frontline pack.
    5. Searched wiki on how to add static objects; got the right windows to open up, now where are the MDL files I added to the game?
    6. ...
    7. No seriously where are they and why aren't they showing up?
    8. Found the frontline folder, pressed #Asset...
    9. Numbers in the MDL tab are just racking up, no actual models Showing up though
    10. start pressing the up and down arrows to see if I can get the Model browser to update or something, (btw whilst all this is going on, it's still set on file sorting on the original way it had it for when you first booted the model selector up on TF.)
    11. Hammer crashes now.
    12. Proceed to cry in Corner.
    And issue three: Headache

    -The overall simple issue to explain:
    1. Wanted help
    2. tried to seek help on the Community hub, Nothing
    3. Tried to add that UK guy, still nothing
    4. Developing a Headache
    5. And feeling Like I'm getting a stroke now trying to type all this stuff down for the 2nd/3rd time.
    6. Backed up my TF folder
    7. Writing this Post, (although somewhat poorly, F*ck knows if this passes though.)
    8. Copying everything I'm typing to a txt file
    9. Bout to take another shower to calm myself over this stress and Bother.
    Anyone Tolerant enough to read through all this and help me out, It'd be a godsend if you could. I'd Include screenshots, but unfortunately both Hammer and Tf2 have officially Shit the brick, and I'm all out of energy now as I finish this sentence...

    ... I Just wanna make maps, is that too much to Ask Valvo? Facking really?...

    Anyway thanks for Listening...
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    maybe try verifying the game cache
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    I'd Recommend watching a few more of Crash's mapping tutorials as well
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    From what I understand, some of your game files somehow got corrupted (possibly because you had Hammer open when TF2 updated? Because that can happen). Try what ades suggested and verify your game cache.
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    Well I've Managed to Fix the tf2 Issue, Now how do I fix the MDL Problem?

    *Keynote "No MDL FIles..."

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    Model Browser Crash Course
    • Mod Filter should usually be set to "tf" to filter for tf2 models only. You can use "frontline" as a mod filter if you wish, but it's unnecessary since you can just open the props_frontline folder to get them all in one place - which brings me to the next point.
    • The folder you select matters. "Buildables" refers to gameplay models like dispensers and does not contain anything Frontline (which you set as the mod filter), so your browser is returning no results. Scroll down and select "props_frontline" instead.
    • The Filter field at the bottom is for searching models by name, not by tags or associated mod. Leave this field blank to browse the entire folder.