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A tricky Trigger/Entity idea.. any experts want to lend their ideas?

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by efciem, Jun 22, 2008.

  1. efciem

    efciem L69: Deviant Member

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    Ok here's the scenerio..

    in my map there is a pond..
    I've made prop fish models for the pond

    They are animated with 2 animations .. idle is a slow swiming motionless.. and moving animation is a fast swimming animation ( like a fish swimming away ).

    Now what I'd like to do...

    Is have it so if a player enters the pond, and goes near a fish thats standing still.. The Fish prop model will swim away from the player over to a spot further away from them...

    So Ideally you'd like for Player "touches" Area A, Fish prop in area A Moves to Area B using the SWIM animation...
    Then if player enters area B , fish moves back to Area A...

    ( or perhapse multiple potential areas for the fish model to move to.)

    Something along those lines...

    if anyone knows what'd be involved in this, or has a better idea please let me know,.
  2. World Of Frisbee Crisis

    World Of Frisbee Crisis L2: Junior Member

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    Maybe you could have the group of fish as a train and when the player enters Area A it takes the func_tracktrain leading to Area B and vice versa.
  3. MangyCarface

    aa MangyCarface Mapper

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    Ah, christ, that's alot of detail for a tf2 map. Might cause some server-side stress... anyway you're attempting an admirable thing so here goes:

    Set a tracktrain point somewhere near the edge. Parent a trigger_multiple to the fish, make it have the radius that you want it to detect the player from. Set the trigger multiple to change the next point of the current tracktrain the fish is on to be the point at the corner of the pool onenterall. Set the tracktrain point to be on the normal track onexitall. Maybe that'll work
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