A thread for first impressions

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Aug 6, 2014
AKA- The "So I just played..." thread.

Basically just a thread for you to spout some opinions on a game you just recently started playing.


So I just played... Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Or at least the first chapter of it, and so far I don't love it.

Full disclosure: The original Luigi's Mansion is one of my favorite childhood games, so my opinion might be a bit biased one way or another.

I quite like the presentation for the most part. While I marginally prefer the more realistic environments of the first game, Dark Moon uses an art style akin to a kids' cartoon Halloween special, which while less atmospheric at times, is a lot more internally consistent. Also, the colors in this game look really nice.

I also like the changes to combat, it's just a bit more complicated, requiring no more than a well-timed button press, but not too much. Just enough to feel a bit more properly engaging.

No, there's two things in this game that really bring it down for me. First is the mission structure. Ripping the player out of the mansion so that E. Gadd can congratulate you and then tell you what to do next does nothing except make the experience feel broken. In the original, the whole thing was just one big, continuous adventure. Here it feels like I'm watching a TV show and I have to sit through the commercial break every time.

The other thing is Professor E. Gadd himself. In the first game he was rather harmless, supplying you with all the necessary exposition and equipping you with the tools to take down the ghosts. In this game, he doesn't know when to fucking shut up. Every time you do anything of even slight significance, E. Gadd makes you drop everything so he can repeat back to you what you already know. He nearly feels like Fi from Skyward Sword levels of annoying.

Despite these things, however, I am going to keep playing the game, because I don't hate it, and I hear the game gets better after the first mansion.]

PS- If anyone was planning to ask "Did you just make this thread so you could complain about Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon?"... the answer is yes.
Okay, not quite. If it was that simple I would've literally titled the thread: "Me complaining about a game", I actually do want to hear other people's first impressions on games they just started playing, because they're often some of the most interesting to hear, so I figured I'd just do both at the same time.
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