A Third Team?

Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2 Talk' started by Retroid, Jun 19, 2011.

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    I reckon we could have a third team, In my mind a team green sounded awful - I thought it wouldn't fit with the color scheme and look silly... But it could work, this made me think it could be done and look good, perhaps not with grass heavy levels but since new maps would have to be created anyway it's possible.

    I just want TF2 to have some new life, aesthetics aren't so important now since hats came into play and almost any new mode wouldn't change TF2 enough to get people that'd left to come back - but this could. Two maps off Valve and tools for the community could really bring life back into the game.

    Personally I wouldn't mind a tournament mode and rankings... But this changes the core gameplay and for now that's what I really want.
  2. LeSwordfish

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    It's an interesting idea, but i doubt it would work. Either two teams are working together, and the third is flattened, or all three teams are split two ways.
  3. grazr

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    I think at this stage any additional teams would just be a gimmick. OK we had green and yellow in TFC but not only do they not fit TF2 lore but most of TF2's mechanics are hard coded, i seriously doubt there's any way for a custom map develop to execute additional teams when the entities simply wont recognise them (there are only teams 0 (nuetral), 1 and 2).
  4. Randdalf

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    In the code of the game, the number of teams can be as high as 8, I think. Everything's coded to support more than 2 teams, even 1 team at a time (that can be).
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    I used "setowner 4" input by mistake when i was making my cartrescue map. TF2 kept crashing with a message about some model not precached.
  6. Seba

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    The green team would just smoke guanj all day and be perma sm_drugged.
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  7. gamemaster1996

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    I really wouldn't want that. It'd wreck most of what we've got left Balance wise and it completely wrecks the whole idea of Team Fortress.

    The way I see it here's what they need to add

    -More updates to the replay system e.g effects like slow-mo, speed up time.
    -More medieval maps
    -The rebalance of weapons
    -The return of TC
    -Paintable weapons?

    A new team would just destroy everything so i'm sorry but i do not support your idea.
  8. Pyromancer

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    I kinda think the idea is good and kinda don't.

    Nope: It could ruin the game coding (as many have said) and also mess with the balancing, aswell as the fact alot of maps only support two teams.

    Yup: It would however be nice if there was maybe a third team on a certain gametype, I was thinking maybe KOTH or CTF Invasion or something, such as there would be a map with three split out parts, 1 per team, and they would have to go into the center of the map, get the flag and return to their base / capture the KOTH point.
  9. Retroid

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    There needs to be more flexibility in the code full stop - just things like being able to edit the hud and change some win mechanics would help a lot.

    And as for gamemaster - really don't see what you're saying, weapon ballance and previous two-team maps would be completely unaffected.

    It's just an option for mappers, I can think of a couple of modes and maps that would adapt well into it. And even if we were going down the slightly more complex route (probably long after three-team matches have been established) where each has a different objective, as long as the teams rotate it'll be fair.
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  10. Empyre

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    TFC had four teams, but most maps only used two. Also, TFC had a wonderfully powerful system of entities that allowed mappers to make their own game modes. I don't know why Valve went from that to such restrictive hard-coded game modes in TF2.
  11. Loc_n_lol

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    Honesty, I don't think it would work very well as it's just taking things one step closer to free for all.