A Simple Guide on Collecting in TF2

A Simple Guide on Collecting in TF2 2017-08-06

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[iFC] DIplaya

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Feb 8, 2017
A Simple Guide on Collecting in TF2 - When having a few random hats with no significance in your inventory just isnt enough.

This guide was made me along with the help of a friend of mine, Unconquerable, to explain the basics of having a collection in TF2. The artwork was mostly done by me, the writing was split between the 2 of us, and the researching was mainly done by Unconq.

It features 2 different ways of making a collection, and a basic overview of how to collect the things for it.

Hope this is worthy to be viewed and rated by many people. We put a lot of time into the 72 hours we were given into making this.