A Reminder to Everyone. Be Nice.

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Jun 27, 2016
Every few months, issues of a particular nature seem to crop up. We’ve noticed an uptick in rude or otherwise unhelpful feedback coming from veteran members and new members are being pushed aside or driven away. We feel the need to remind everyone of our most basic rule.
Don’t be a jerk.

Feedback is meant to be helpful, to the point, and relevant. New users can be overwhelmed easily and nobody likes to read paragraphs. Slamming a new user and driving them away from the community is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. It’s poor behavior and quite frankly shameful to take jabs at someone because they simply don’t know how something works. Keep it constructive in both voice and text chats in the game and in the discord. Upkeeping good behavior isn't just to direct feedback, just because they can't hear it doesn't make it okay to be rude about things. If you believe that your opinion deserves to be respected, provide criticism that deserves respect.

To our newer members: Keep at it. Keep learning. Keep getting better.

To our older members: It seems like some of you dunk on new users for amusement. Stop, that’s incredibly toxic. Cut it out. Be nice. Don't be a jerk just because you don't like the maps you're playing. If you'd like to see some change, your best option is to get involved with helping our newer members learn faster! Everyone learns differently. Be constructive.

One other thing. Don’t backseat moderate. Let the staff team handle the situation. If you see something, DM modmail a message with your concerns.

If you are unsure about our rules, see our rules page: https://tf2maps.net/pages/rules/
Not open for further replies.