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    I am currently making a cp map like gravelpit and I want to know how to make a door that opens up after the first 2 points are taken and when the third becomes available.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks
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    make your door "start disabled" and enable it with a math_counter when 2 cap have been made.
    might not be the best way tho, I think there is many ways to do this. but it must be start disabled. the way you enable it is up to you.
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    It doesn't need to start disabled, as long as Touch Opens is unchecked people won't be able to get through until you force it open. Unless you wanted it to open/close freely once the points are taken, then you'd need to give it a trigger like any other door and have the trigger start disabled, and then enable it.

    and the math_counter is the proper method.
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