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    Hello people of internet!
    I've been a long time lurker on this site, mainly on the "Downloads" section, cause I own a server and always look for new custom maps. Now I want to make a map request.

    I want a remake of cp_orange_transport_alpha1 map.

    I'm not sure if its possible to decompile map and fix all the issues or the only variant is make it from scratch. So what is this map? Its your average cp_orange but 3 times bigger and with addition of a 6th moving CP on the train, and a huge plane flying around the map.

    What are the map's strong sides?
    1) Its fun to play and unique. Train and plane add diversity to gameplay. You can place sentries on top of the train and terrorize another team, and enemy spy could jump from a plane like a James Bond, land on the train roof and sap the sentries. Or a sticky-jumping demomen can hi-jack the plane filled with enemy snipers and butcher them. In addition, this map even features a guided missile which you can fire every 5 minutes!
    2) Its a great map to rocket-jump. Jumping from the train gives a huge speed boost, you can jump from the train , go above central point, slap somebody with a gardener and land back on the train roof (how badass is that?). Map also have places to surf and spots for demo charges.
    3) Its less than 3mb so everybody have good fps on it.

    What are map's weak sides?
    1) The biggest one - it crashes a lot, and the original map maker is not interested in fixing it. The error is "CUtlLinkedList overflow" and it crashes you to the desktop. This error started to happen about the time bread update came out I believe.
    2) Its too flat and empty. Of course its not possible to make a map like this fully balanced, but something surely can be done. Cutting sightlines and adding cover and height variation is always possible.
    3)Train and plane have broken physics. Shooting somebody on the moving train is pretty hard. This is purely tf2 flaw, I believe its cause of imperfect lag compensation . Also you can easily stuck in the train.

    So if anybody is interested in this please message me, and we will talk about all the details. I can provide some reward for the mapper, so many people on my server still love this map (although its not in rotation for more than a year) we even may start a crowdfunding with tf2 items or else.