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A Proper Introduction - CIA

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Radenska, Feb 1, 2009.

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    While I believe a few of us have individually made aware our existence on this board, as a group we have not.

    Timberghost, cr0ybot, and myself are collaborating students at the Cleveland Institute of Art. For the last year we've worked on numerous projects within the Source engine, and thanks partially to this community and its benefits we've been able to continually integrate them into our academics.

    Our next project is going to be a Left4Dead campaign, but specifically prototyping and playtesting as "research through process". I'm sure many of you play L4D as much as TF2, so if anyone has thoughts on what they'd like to see in L4D that isn't there yet, please feel free to share those thoughts here or on our future threads at

    In addition, cr0ybot and I both have blogs regarding our processes of Game Design if anyone finds interest. His is Designing Cr0ybot and mine is Digitalchemy.

    Thanks again for this community - glad to be apart of it. :)
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    Welcome! Drop by the chat often to receive direct feedback.
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