A possible custom maps only server on TF2C

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    So guys, I'm wanting to get a server that only host community maps. Of course, being familiar with TFMaps helped me quickly find many maps I remembered looking fun. So here is the list!

    Will do:
    Overlook http://tf2maps.net/resources/overlook.28/ CTF y
    Skyward http://tf2maps.net/resources/skyward.38/ KOTH y
    Mojave http://tf2maps.net/resources/mojave.17/ 2 Stage A/D y
    Waste http://tf2maps.net/resources/waste.185/ Tug y
    Geomance http://tf2maps.net/resources/geomance.1022/ 5CP y
    Panic http://tf2maps.net/resources/panic.134/ 3 Stage PLR y
    Cashworks http://tf2maps.net/resources/cashworks.42/ PL (Large file) y
    Namicott http://tf2maps.net/resources/namicott.35/ KOTH y
    Silvertrail http://tf2maps.net/resources/silvertrail.18/ GP A/D y

    Might Do:
    Artic http://tf2maps.net/resources/arctic.33/ KOTH y
    Keikoku http://tf2maps.net/resources/keikoku.16/ A/D y
    Wildfire http://tf2maps.net/resources/wildfire.31/ CTF y
    Backlot http://tf2maps.net/resources/backlot.2/ Arena y
    Moonshine http://tf2maps.net/resources/moonshine.152/ KOTH y
    Ferrum http://tf2maps.net/resources/ferrum.11/ A/D y
    Alloy http://tf2maps.net/resources/alloy.989/ GP A/D y
    Axle http://tf2maps.net/resources/axle.6/ 5CP y
    Indulge http://tf2maps.net/resources/indulge.15/ 5CP y
    Occult http://tf2maps.net/resources/occult.987/ KOTH y

    Needs Consideration:
    Suijin http://tf2maps.net/resources/suijin.4/ Arena (Large file, Unoptimized, Big) y
    Zikentite http://tf2maps.net/resources/zinkenite.22/ 3 Stage A/D (Great map, MASSIVE FILE) y
    Vector http://tf2maps.net/resources/vector.30/ A/D CTF (Large file, Weird gamemode(A/D CTF)) y

    Can't Do/ Will not do:
    Rust http://tf2maps.net/threads/rust.18621/ PL (Missing models) y
    Sunshine http://tf2maps.net/resources/sunshine.47/ 5 CP Push (Missing models, Missing textures) y
    5Curve http://tf2maps.net/resources/5curve.39/ PL (Missing models) y
    Angkor http://tf2maps.net/resources/angkor.40/ PL Missing models) y
    Stoneyridge http://tf2maps.net/resources/stoneyridge.19/ A/D (Missing models) y
    Manngrove http://tf2maps.net/resources/manngrove.45/ PL (Missing models) y
    Animus http://tf2maps.net/resources/animus.601/ PLR (Dev textures) y
    Pier http://tf2maps.net/resources/pier.854/ PL (Missing models) y
    Corrode http://tf2maps.net/resources/corrode.253/ PL (Missing models, Missing textures) y
    Glassworks http://tf2maps.net/resources/glassworks.46/ 5CP (Missing models, Missing textures) y
    Crossroads http://tf2maps.net/resources/crossroads.136/ 5CP (Missing models, Missing textures) y
    Dusk http://tf2maps.net/resources/dusk.9/ 2 Stage A/D (Missing textures) y
    Quarry http://tf2maps.net/resources/quarry.37/ KOTH (Missing textures) y
    1Fort http://tf2maps.net/resources/1fort.371/ CTF (Missing Models) y
    Wildlife http://tf2maps.net/resources/wildlife.72/update?update=1181 5CP (Missing Models) y
    Upland http://tf2maps.net/resources/upland.21/ Steel Styled CP (Missing Models, Missing Textures) y

    Saving for Future Looking at:
    Metalworks http://tf2maps.net/resources/metalworks.688/ 5CP

    Note: y means I have loaded the map in TF2C, n means I have not. I will be checking all these maps to make sure that they work and have no glaring issues.

    A map being larger than about 35 MB classifies it as large. If maps have a BZ2 option, like Zikentite, then I'll use that.

    If a map is missing models or textures, it's not the map not beign packed right, it's TF2C lacking several models and textures from TF2

    That's the list as of now, if you guys have any input or suggestions, I would like to hear them.

    Thanks to Habber for helping me check some of these.

    Yellow Means it was on the first list I made for this map pool.
    Green means it was on the second list.
    Light Blue means it was on the third list.
    Magneta means it was on the fourth list.
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    Corrode is missing models and textures? That shouldn't be the case. Could you perhaps take pictures and show me so I can perhaps fix it?
  3. Yrr

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    I believe it's an issue with TF2Classic rather than an issue with pl_corrode
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    Ah, alright, that's a shame.
  5. YM

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    TF2 Classic is the issue with TF2 Classic.
  6. Habber T Mancer

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    Again, it's not your fault if a map you made is missing textures or something. Not every material from TF2 has been ported to TF2C yet. We really can't tell if a map is broken or not until we load it up and see. If there's only one or two minor errors (like Alloy and Obscure, which we may include) we might still run the map.

    Also, if anyone can suggest some good payload maps that would be great. One of the payload track models is missing so it's been hard just trying to find one working payload map.
  7. Moonrat

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    I've considered packing in the content for some of the smaller ones, but I have no clue what's missing. I couldn't find out unless I decompile. For some of these maps that are too close to the filesize I want to get, I don't think that's viable. It's a shame too, we've lost a lotta cool maps
  8. Moonrat

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    Updated with more maps that we tracked down and checked. Some real disappointment from the latest search....
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  9. Moonrat

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    Updated OP with colors to indicate when we went and got the maps.