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Discussion in 'Site Discussion' started by Nineaxis, Aug 20, 2010.

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    We're pretty relaxed around here. Our staff is as much part of the community as anyone else, we all like to have our fun, and we're generally all one happy group of people on good terms. We generally don't take action against members except in extreme cases.

    However, it seems certain members have taken this to mean they can get away with anything, and admins are at the same level as VIPs on the power tree, especially when in servers or in the chat. And the issuing of bans or other disciplinary action is "admin abuse". And it's beginning to get on my nerves, apparently to the point I have to reiterate to people than admins are, in fact, in charge of this place. We appreciate your donation, and you receive server "powers" as a benefit, but, the site staff is still above you.

    If we are playing, even if a casual game, we expect fun commands to stay out of it. If it's a "fun" game, they are fine, but casual play events or gamedays are not times to be changing your gravity, color, drugging eachother, noclipping, etc. In casual events, short, temporary bans will happen. In gamedays, there's zero tolerance for dicking around.

    Furthermore, if an administrator has to mute/gag a user, we expect you to not revert admin actions. Unmuting someone who is micspamming will most likely end up with you temporarily banned.

    Furthermore, I'd like to remind you that we can revoke your powers, even if you are VIP, for abuse.

    As far as the chatroom goes: same things apply. We've been pretty lax about behavior, but this only seems to turn every kick into "admin abuse" and every ban into a major ordeal, as if users who do end up banned didn't see it coming. So again, we are the staff, we can use them when needed, and some people need to accept that.

    And finally, show some respect. Sometimes I'm not at my keyboard, but that's not a reason for you to call me a dick because I didn't upload your map or start an event for you.

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    I'll reiterate. Getting upset and being disrespectful to an admin or a server moderator just because he doesnt want to, or cant upload your map is pretty ridiculous.

    These guys put up their precious time and energy in to helping making things run as smoothly as possible, and have them deal with this stuff is pretty stupid.

    Admins, if a specific user continues to act this way, please dont hesitate to take harsh action. We should not put up with that.
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