A new gamemode idea, and whether or not it's possible currently

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    I've been mulling around an idea for a new sort of gamemode, and I want to bounce it off the experienced mappers here to see A) if it would be good and B) if it's possible or not through hammer and plugins.
    The gamemode takes place on a map called 2lanes, a cp_dustbowl and mvm_steep inspired map comprised of 2 lanes, abandoned buildings and warehouses surrounding and in between, and 2 large bases on opposing corners

    It's sort of a MOBA/TF crossover, with an upgrade system using MvM's stations, towers that shoot rockets at encroaching enemies, and an objective to destroy at the end, in this case, a rocket carrying a cache of Australium. Players start with a small lump sum of money, and push out alongside waves of robots that spawn at regular intervals at the start of each team's 2 lanes. Players fight and get upgrades over the course of the game, using upgrade pickups (like Mannpower) spawned in locations in between the lanes as well as money dropped by bots and killed players. After amassing enough power, they push a lane, destroying the towers in order, and push into the enemy base. After they destroy the robot constructor and the lane's final towers, they can then attack the objective, winning the game once it's destroyed. The game would probably be best in a 12v12 format, allowing for both defense and offense to be covered without leaving one or the other lacking too much.

    I know MvM upgrade stations are hard coded for MvM only, so I'm wondering if there's a plugin available to make it available for other modes, or at least something like it.
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    Sounds like it'd be possible. Would take a lot of entities (logic) and troubleshooting, but it sounds possible.
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    The only part that would require new entities would be the towers. And perhaps those bots.