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    I should have seen this coming, but I have found myself horribly addicted to SDK->Hammer already! So I thought I would create an account at a nice community, you guys seemed a good bunch! I hope to have input at some point, but I'll be scouring tutorials and threads for hits, tips, and secrets for some time I imagine.

    I have only been toying for two weeks or so, but I thought I would take some screen shots anyway. I just moved each side 20 spaces back from the center in this shot to make way for more expansion. Things have been coming more or less easily (thanks to Valve's Wiki and places like this). The only issue I've really had so far is my timer stopping at 0 indefinitely, but I imagine I'll figure it out. I found a tutorial on here with a way to add stalemate already that I have yet to try.

    Screenshots - http://www.landsofdraknor.net/tf2

    I hope to be a good member, or at least to learn a lot if I am not.
    Hello all!
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    Glad to have you with us m8 :) When I first started using Hammer, I too was strangely addicted. It's a wonderful creative outlet, especially when you're like me and have zero artistic abilities. Anyways, the screens look like a good start. Make it a little bigger and you could release it as an orange map :p Don't forget that we have test servers now, so just upload when you have a reasonable beta and let myself or a mod know. And of course the Steam chat is always nice for quick questions. Welcome to the group!