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    So I've been looking all over for some references to feudal era Japanese buildings and such, for the Japan content pack, yet I've been finding some pretty mediocre results for the things I need. But, I just recently remembered that Samurai Champloo, a very awesome anime that mixes a western hip-hop flavor with a feudal Japanese setting, has some great scenes that showcase the inside and outside urban landscapes of feudal era Japan.

    So, I would highly reccomend googling, and if you have the time, watching the whole thing if you're looking for some good references for the Japan content pack.

    It's only 26 episodes

    DISCLAIMER: Samurai Champloo is NSFW. It contains gore, partial nudity and swearing. I think it's rated TV MA.
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    Wouldn't surprise me if aly took inspiration from something like that. She's very into mango.
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