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    Grab your shields, sharpen up your blades and prepare yourselves for A Knight of Demomen, an all-out Demoknight battle taking place Saturday, August 22 (12:00pm ET-12:00am ET).

    For twelve hours, players will battle as Demoknights to try and collect the most heads. All players must wield a shield and any melee weapon (no cabers). Players will also be permitted to use the booties and the bootlegger. The top three players when the twelve hours are up will be named victorious and receive the greatest of rewards. Click here to view the official rules and learn what you need to do to get in on the Demoknight action!

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    This is a fun idea. I hope they do more events like this in the future. Maybe even award the top player with a special exclusive item?

    EDIT: Oh. The event is being set up by edgegamers, it takes place on their servers only, and you need an account on their forums. I was mistaken.
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