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    I'm Leaf_It. I live in Utah, USA. I've owned the orange box since 2008, but I had dial-up internet back then so I never installed TF2 until late 2009 when I finally got semi-decent internet. I have around 1100 hours, and although I don't play as much anymore, I really love TF2, and I wish there were more active servers with custom maps. I generally play in the evenings around midnight my time because that's when I usually get off work. Unfortunately this means that most servers with decent ping aren't very active.

    I've wanted to make stuff for TF2 for years, but never gotten around to it. A few weeks ago I found Crash's mapping tutorial on YouTube, and watched it. After a few weeks I decided I wanted to make a map myself. So that's why I'm here.

    I've taken Modeling and Animation classes, and know the basics of Maya. I'm trying to teach myself Blender because it's free and stuff.

    I hope this site can help me to make my vision for a few maps come to fruition, and hopefully I can help a few of you along the way.

    Edit: After looking around this site for a while both yesterday and today, I've decided to Donate. Also felt slightly guilty for using Adblock.
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    Nice! I hope you stick with it. It's always nice to see people who know a bit about modeling, also. Hopefully you learn some useful skills in your time here!
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    Wow! Donator right from the getgo! Right on, Leaf_It!
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    Welcome, Leaf_it. Modelling is a very good skill to have.