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A good game mode to start?

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Christen, Jul 7, 2010.

  1. Christen

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    Since I'm just starting right now, I'm stuck at the very first step: what game mode should I be designing the map for?

    For a beginner, I'm thinking KOTH is a good one, since it's simple objective-wise. But since it's a KOTH map, it's not exactly a "varied" map to play with. That's why I'm looking at other game modes that would be good but not too taxing for a newbie TF2 mapper.

    So, I'll be asking for suggestions. CP and CTF are currently what I'm looking at, although the elements of map design considering the game mode isn't exactly an area I'm clear at right now.
  2. Prestige

    aa Prestige im not gay anymore

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    Whatever you like to play and think you know things about what makes you like to play them.

    KOTH is a great started. i hate ctf so i never really tried to make a good one.
  3. Knight-Errant

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    CP would be fun, but it depends on what type of CP you are interested in making.

    Symmetrical is easier to build for early layouts, but Assault has always been a bit more popular.
  4. Grim Tuesday

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    5 CP is very hard to design for. I would suggest starting with a Gorge style CP, Arena, or KoTH.
  5. Ida

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    Your favorite game mode. At least don't start making a map for a game mode you dislike, you'll never be able to enjoy developing your map if you hate it before you start.
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