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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by YM, Jun 14, 2008.

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    So I made a thread a while back.................

    .........bloody auto archive crap!

    here is the update to it I would have made if it was still available to me:

    Digital painting of one of my friends (If you remember this, the image you remember is incredibly scrappy compared with this one, this has has several hours more work)

    And then many of you will have heard about my art exam that was on monday and tuesday (I even posted whilst in the middle of it :p)
    Here is the result of those 8 hours:
    Not quite as good as I'd have liked, not as good as the one above but meh, its gunna get me an A :p
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    The person and shirt are really good.
    In fact they are sodding amazing, it's just the guitar let you down, while it had a 3D feel it looks plain and unfinished, although as it was a timed exam I can assume it is unfinished?