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    Hey there.

    I've only been tinkering with Hammer for a few weeks and had some questions.
    I'm currently working on an edit of a trade map and some problems have occurred.
    Hoping I can find some help here.

    1: Teleport - Ambient

    I wanted a two-way teleport to a particuler godmoded/friendly room for both teams. I managed to get that far. I basically just placed a door prop and added the required triggers, destination and team restrictions. They work fine.
    However, I'd like clients to hear a door open/closing sound when using the teleport.
    The sounds I'd like to use are Doors.FullOpen4 and Doors.FullClose4 as found in the Sound Resource Browser. I used this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRdM_VgP6nA. In short, I basically made an ambient_generic and put it in the trigger's inputs. However, it doesn't work.

    How would I go about fixing this?
    Will the sounds be client-side or audible by the entire server?
    Finally, can these sounds be embedded in to a .bsp or will they always have to be downloaded seperately?

    2: Areaportal - Broken

    As mentioned before I'm simply editing a map. I must've accidently messed something up, because something causes a large window to display that typical weird blur. I only noticed recently so there's no real way of going back without tons of time going to waste. I figured it's caused by an area portal as I've ran in to the problem before. But then this time it seems perfectly fine. I compared it to the original .vmf and they're identical. I did remove an areaportal that was previously stationed in an opening/doorway I removed, which was replaced by the teleport I mentioned above. How would I go about finding out what is causing this?

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    If Doors.FullOpen4 & Doors.FullClose4 are custom sounds then they will need to be packaged with the map in each version you publicly release. The ambient_generic also gives you a flag for 'Play everywhere', if you want that or not. You should check a small case experiment if the sound is even playing from the ambient_generic by going in-game and in console typing:

    This will just play the sound, if it plays, and you can hear it, you know its not the soundscript's fault. If it doesn't play it appears something is wrong with the soundscript (in which case you'd need to find the definition of Doors.FullClose4 and see what's wrong with it, unless you haven't defined the soundscript in which case you would define it - although I don't think custom soundscripts work).

    If the soundscript is indeed custom you'll need to override an existing soundscript, probably unless I'm wrong, using a cp_example_a1_level_sounds.txt file where you can replace an existing soundscript with a new wave filename.

    An easier method would be to not use a soundscript and just play a RAW file from the ambient_generic, I believe this is an option in the dropdown list inside the sound preview window.


    If you removed a brush of func_areaportal you probably just broke the areaportal. Areaportals work by sectioning off parts of the map so they become essentially mini-levels, if you're inside an areaportal zone the engine will try to stop rendering stuff etc etc, and if you close an areaportal it will stop rendering the zone entirely. Here's a tutorial on area portals, most likely you'll need to remake that areaportal brush so the zone is sectioned off properly again and doesn't break the compiler.
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    I decided to take the simple route you proposed. After selecting the sound with the RAW dropdown I decided to test. Afraid I still can't hear it.

    Turns out the sounds worked after all, but that ambient_generic's are annoyingly silent when set to use a normal range.

    The issue turned out to be an areaportal left in place where I removed an opening in a wall somehow broke another areaportal.

    Not completely sure I understand how that works, but simply removing that small areaportal resolved it.

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