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    Fairly new to hammer but I think I've got detailing down. For my next project I want to get more comfortable with entities.

    I don't want a complete pre-fab, I need to improve. Right now I'm working with ABS's tc prefab and trying to get something workable I just need some advice on how to tackle this.

    It'll work in many ways like a fusion of MSCP and TC.

    First Round of game:
    Normal tc
    Winner gains momentum

    Subsequent Rounds:
    Team with momentum is attacker
    Round Set-Up timer
    If defenders win, regain momentum

    Continues until one team controls all points

    I'm not sure whether it would be easier to start with a mscp and have a fixed path (never been a fan of the diagonal rounds anyways) or to work with a tc prefab and essentially clone the last round entities for all points.

    tl;dr I have no idea what I'm doing with entities and want to make an a/d tc.