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a/d advanced spawns without rounds query

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by grazr, Aug 4, 2008.

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    Because i am lazy and my map technically has a different game style to traditional attack defend maps (so i am unsure of what i am doing in the first place let alone that this is my first TF2 map) i'm going to just ask here with the hopes that someone more tuned in with the TF2 entities can help me out here.

    To allow my avanti map to play smoother i need to add in advanced spawns. In the original the attacking team simply spawned at the last captured cp. (capture cp 2, spawn at cp1; capture cp3, spawn at cp2). This isn't exactly appropriate given the nature of TF2, however; it would be too easy for a single player to ambush and kill off whole chunks of a spawning wave that spawns in the open like that. It would also be an incredible effert to create spawn rooms at each of these cp's considering my geometry surrounding the cp's. This is an option, but i am hoping there may be an easier alternative.

    The first thing is my map doesn't have rounds, and because it is sequencial attack/defend i am unsure of how advanced spawns will work out. At the moment i have red at the hill top and blu at the bottom but i need to draw them closer, so i am creating a third spawn between CP 2 and 3.

    Upon capture of CP 2 the central spawn will toggle to attackers (from defenders), but i will also need to toggle spawn visualisers as well as the team that spawns. It may also be prudent to increase/decrease attack and defend spawn waves respectively.

    Could someone perhaps provide me with a healthy set up using the 3 spawn locations and the visualisers regarding my capture map style? Because i don't look forward to giving in to trial and error on this one.. I'll need to turn off/hide the 2 visualisers on the attackers side and "swap" them to the defenders side to stop the defenders. I am unsure of how to toggle the spawn without rounds, perhaps i will just need to overlap a red and blu func_respawnroom and just turn them on and off?

    It's probably really simple.. but i'm tired enough on this project :( it's 90% complete without skybox.. i'm so close to finishing it and getting it playtested. This is all i really need to get a beta out!

    Thanks in advance.
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