A couple of ideas and a plea.

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Chubbseh, Sep 2, 2009.

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    Hello, everyone.

    I have a couple ideas for maps, one in particular that requires some problem solving, and I am a total mapping noob. Also, and here is the crux of the problem, between working full time, going back to school, and some other time constraints, learning will be a long process. In the interest of speeding it up a bit, I was wondering if anyone with a bit more experience would be interested in collaborating on these ideas. I will obviously help in the initial design phase, and do what I can with my rudimentary map-fu skills, while learning more advanced stuff, and any potential collaborators get to take credit in making a (so far as I know) unique map style.

    As to the maps themselves, well, the main one I want to work on is a payload map, but with a twist that I would rather not reveal to the community at large just yet. My problem is that, beyond making basic brushes for buildings and such, I feel entirely not up to the task of making this map. Please, if you are seriously interested in collaborating on a map, send me a PM, and I will discuss it with you.

    The other map is a pretty standard CTF map, which I am calling ctf_midtown for the time being. It is kind of my testbed for learning to map, and as such, it's coming along really slowly. To describe it, think of a slightly skewed figure 8, where one of the straights connecting the loops is slightly longer than the other. Along (or possibly beneath) this straight, I am considering a trolley car running along some tracks. The visual style of the map is supposed to be kind of 1920's or 30's urban look. I can get more specific, and am also willing to collaborate on this map if anyone is interested.

    I look forward to hearing from any of you interested in helping develop these ideas, as I think they can be fun maps. Talk to you soon.