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    So there's this funky model called props_granary\cargo_ship_skybox.mdl


    The problem is that Valve only intended for it to be viewable at ground level from one direction.


    Would someone please consider editing the model and just filling in the missing parts of the model and putting in a deck so that it could be viewable from any angle? It doesn't need to be anything fancy, just copying the existing parts and mirroring them would be enough. It's a pretty cool model but just rocket jumping near it totally ruins the illusion.
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    Took a lot longer than expected but this should be good, there's no LOD however in this version, along side some minor changes to make it symmetrical, there are also quite a bit more caps than expected, which should be UV'd in (might be some slight issues since I just used existing space)

    If the lod thing or textures becomes an issue, contact me, and we'll discuss what should be lodded out, and i'll give a new version.
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