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A cliffside building - making it better

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by a2h, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. a2h

    a2h L2: Junior Member

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    So. Tyrol mountain.

    Some of you may remember the cliffside building that was long.

    It was added practically a year ago to try and counter the linear nature of the map (go my excellent mapping skills).

    But it's long, it's boring, it takes too long to get there.

    So I want to start hammering the sh-

    So I want to start to make it more useful. Or perhaps remove it.

    One thing I'm considering now is to create a gap in the middle of it, like so:


    This makes the building more useful since people inside can shoot out of it.

    The problems I see with this are:
    • Major height advantage
    • You can spam into the building entrance parallel

    So perhaps it wasn't such a good idea.

    But what else is there that I could do?

    One suggestion I'm getting commonly now is to connect the cliff building and the one next to the cap. How would it work?

    I really want to put a heavy focus on gameplay in this area before I finally get to finishing up the basic geometry of the final point.
  2. Exist

    Exist L6: Sharp Member

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    You Should connect with an overhang. With windows to see incoming attackers/payload. To add cover inside the overhang, add in a stack of box props. To counter this, make it easier for scouts to get into overhang (stairs with a blockade that can be jumped by double, sticky, or rocket jump).