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    Hello all, this is username. As you can see, I've actually posted a fair amount here, but I've never actually introduced myself. I'm a Scorpio, I like chocolate and long walks on the beach... Oh, not that kind of introduction? Well then.

    You all have Youme to thank for my contributions to the mapping community. I was so enamored by Portal, I wanted to find new maps for it. This led me to Thinkingwithportals.com. That's where I met youme, and his comments about mapping encouraged me to give it a shot. Luckily, I had used autoCAD before, so I was able to keep from blacking out after seeing the imposing monolith that is Hammer. I've got a TF2 map that's on haitus, due to a lack of time. Soon, I'll add it to the WIP section, and see if I can't get myself interested in it again.

    Well, yeah, that's me. I go by mechtroid on steam, if anyone wants to add me.
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