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Apr 2, 2017
Oh boy, isn't this a fun topic?

Okay so this new universal ban policy is a real bruh moment for me because I was hoping that since it's been months since I got myself banned from the Discord, that maybe people would be willing to give me another shot, if they even remembered me at all, if I played for a while on the TF2 server itself. Apparently, neither of those things appear to be working.

I don't wanna directly message any staff because frankly, I'm terrified of doing that, considering this hole I've dug for myself at this point, especially by having had an alt account and sending a friend as a middleman to the Discord server.

Now, I really don't want to sound overly dramatic, or make this sound like a YouTuber's apology tweet. I won't be that upset if I don't get unbanned. I'm just making an apeal as who I like to think is a somewhat matured me.

Oh, BTW, this is Zanatu, which is probably a cursed name by now.


Nov 6, 2011
Please message an admin on Steam to make an appeal instead of using an alt account to ban evade. Consider messaging whatever admin you're most comfortable talking to. You're not going to get anywhere in an appeal by avoiding that.

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