72hr [72Hr] Recreation of the Annoucement image

Pretty self-explanatory.

  1. [DFS] PK The Hedgehog

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    [72Hr] Recreation of the Annoucement image - Pretty self-explanatory.

    Reuploaded my artwork (with my watermark), since the previous one was accidentally posted too early.

    Once again, first time using only TF2 characters for serious work on SFM.
  2. LeSwordfish

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    You have to actually do the work during the time period, not just upload it.
  3. The Siphon

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    72hr contest isn't really about uploading content you have made days/weeks before the contest. It's about challenging yourself to create something amazing in only 3 days.

    But when it comes to the artwork itself I could leave some feedback.

    Firstly, the posing isn't bad. It's pretty good and pretty accurate to the original one, with some small changes.
    But there are few problems with the poster, firstly being the lighting. The whole poster is bit too dark. Applying 3 point lighting to the characters (like in the original drawing) would really give a nice look to them.
    Also since this is a poster, you could have the render settings on highest setting possible, this would get rid of the AO grain and generally improve the poster.