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72-Hour Mapping Contest #2 Preliminary Vote

Discussion in 'Contests' started by Ida, Jun 30, 2011.

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  1. Ida

    aa Ida deer

    Positive Ratings:
    All right, after some discussion (okay, a couple of suggestions and my immediate realization upon reading them, that choosing 3 maps out of 38 is hard), we really need to narrow down the 72-Hour Contest's entries. I mean, there are SO MANY!

    So this is gonna work very simply; Play all/many of the maps and make a list here of your ten (10) favorites. The fifteen most favorited will advance to the actual judging phase.

    Here's the grand map list as usual:
    Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4
    Author Map Download Screenshot
    ANova 72_nova_test1 Dropbox
    supersandvich plr_supersandvich_72_3 Dropbox
    Vincent cp_vincent_72a2a Dropbox
    Karma Police cp_karmapolice_72 TF2Maps
    Randdalf plr_randdalf_72 Dropbox
    sniprpenguin cp_sniprpenguin_72 Dropbox
    MangyCarface ctf_mangy_72 Dropbox
    Languid cp_languid_72 TF2Maps
    Loc_n_lol plr_locnlol_72 Dropbox
    Grim Tuesday pl_grimtuesday_72 Dropbox - Copy.jpg
    [Withdrawn] [Withdrawn] [Withdrawn] [Withdrawn]
    Prestige koth_prestige_72 Dropbox
    clayton ctf_clayton_72 Minus
    Hanz cp_hanz_72 Dropbox
    grazr koth_grazr_72 Dropbox
    W.S Wankhouse ctf_wilson_72 Dropbox wilson.jpg
    TheKieranator arena_thekieranator_72 Dropbox
    Ezekel cp_ezekel_72_1 TF2Maps
    Ritz koth_ritz_72 Dropbox
    Leminnes pl_leminnes_72 Dropbox
    h3r1n6 ctf_vince_72 Dropbox
    Sergis koth_sergis_72 Dropbox
    Fr0Z3n cp_frozen_72 TF2Maps
    Bockagon pl_bock_72 Dropbox
    Leftism koth_leftism_72 Ragebanner
    TomHoen cp_tomhoen_72 TF2Maps
    Ravidge pl_ravidge_72 TF2Maps
    DaBeatzProject koth_dabp_72 Dropbox
    YM pl_ym_72 TF2Maps
    Zhan plr_zhan_72_02 Dropbox
    RaVaGe cp_ravage_72 Dropbox
    AyesDyef pl_ayesdyef_72_a2 Dropbox
    Psy koth_psy_72 Dropbox
    Trotim cp_trotim_72 Dropbox
    LeSwordfish plr_leswordfish_72_2 Dropbox
    littleedge koth_littleedge_72 Dropbox
    om nom nick koth_omnomnick_72_v3 Dropbox
    REEJ koth_reej_72 Dropbox

    Preliminary voting ends 17:00 CEST on Friday 8th of July
    Check this time in YOUR time zone.

    Votes will be counted after that and the final round of voting will begin later that day.
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  2. owly-oop

    aa owly-oop im birb

    Positive Ratings:
    going to update the list of my favorites as I go on

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  3. grazr

    aa grazr Old Man Mutant Ninja Turtle

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    Can you include some picture url's in the table? I know it's probably only to reduce votes by pics but with 38 entrants it's hard to keep track of which map belongs to which author from memory.
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  4. Icarus

    aa Icarus

    Positive Ratings:
    plr_ Super

    subject to change
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  5. ElectricPhantom

    ElectricPhantom L1: Registered

    Positive Ratings:

    Completed and final vote list.
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  6. Leminnes

    aa Leminnes

    Positive Ratings:
    Of the ones I've played so far:

    7. ctf_mangy_72 - Just to get the criticism out of the way: First CP is a bit too easy too cap and it feels like there is a LOT of ways to get behind the enemy lines. Final cap also seems a bit arbitrarily placed and cumbersome to get to. Zig zag ramps are not a very natural movement. Good stuff: I love how creative it is. I like this map much better than Estate. Just seems to flow naturally where Estate kind of feels like a maze. The water in the middle is nice for stopping fall damage, but I think it may be a bit too deep. A lot of fighting goes on down there and pyros are entirely useless because of it. Overall, quite fun. It took some getting used to but it grew on me. I'd like to see this polished up more.

    1. cp_hanz_72 - Not much for me to say here. It's very Granary with a touch of Viaduct and Well. I'm really not sure what else to say. It is VERY well put together. I guess, as is the case with Granary/Well style maps, it's kind of boring in that it's just a long straight map. But I think you added some nice height variation and interesting CP placements.

    5. koth_grazr - Criticism again: The area in the back with the health in the ammo that goes no where. It just feels useless. I never saw anyone use it. I only noticed it because I made a wrong turn. I just thought it was a detail area. Some of the side paths are a little underused too, although they could be useful at some points. I wish the second story inside the barn had a second entrance for each team. It seems sadly underused as well. Underused stuff, make them more apparent and useful or remove them. I do think that the map is very well designed, though. Lots of fun flanks, good sniper areas which are well placed in order to not be abused. Everything seems to have a reason to exist (except for that weird rectangular area mentioned before.) Another one I'd love to see more of.

    9. cp_ezekel_72 - Has a wow factor going on with those partical effects. Map is impressive for only being made in 72 hours. Lots of work. However, it is in dire need of more intelligent signs of some sort. It took my team 18 minutes to find out you could enter CP E by CP C. The layouts of each point are interesting, but some of them are a bit plain. I'm debating adding this to my list. I have a feeling it'll end up there. Edit: Adding you to my top 10. Played it for a second time today. Much more fun once you know the layout. One thing I'll add. You need to think of attacker advantages different than Steel. It's a bit TOO much like steel right now. Otherwise, pretty good.

    3. cp_frozen_72 - I need to play this one more. This map is a lot bigger than I can wrap my head around right now. I know for sure that it's far from perfect, but it plays very well, especially compared to some other maps I've played. There's quite a few things that I remember bothering me about it. Stupid things like one way doors that seemed to lead me straight to my death. Spawn rooms directly by final CPs that are easily camped. In fact, I think the thing that annoyed me the most were just spawn locations. I think they could be placed better. I also wish there was more variation in the ground. There is some, but overall it feels quite flat, especially around some of the CPs. The final stage is my favorite, though, I think. But there needs to be more entrances into the final cap area. Perhaps to some lower ground or something. Anyway, I want to play this one more.

    Busy, so just tossing in my last few really fast.

    7. koth_dabp_72
    6. cp_ravage_72
    4. plr_zhan_72_02
    10. plr_leswordfish_72_2
    2. koth_psy_72

    I'll add more as I go on.

    Just as a whatever, here's what I wrote for other maps. Some are kind of... mean, and I apologize if I hurt anyone's feelings. Was just jotting down notes as I was playing. (Most are pretty short)

    cp_vincent72a2a - A little flat, but kind of fun to play. Needed more gameplay variation.

    cp_karmapolice_72 - Erm. Too big. Too long. Way too much height variation. Way over scaled. Just blah.

    plr_randolf_72 - A bit closterphobic. Very twisty.

    cp_sniperpenguin_72 - Too many points at once. Spreads the teams too thin. Nearly impossible for red to defend 2 points, let alone 3.

    cp_languid_72 - I love the theme, but spawns were broken. First round was okay, but second round everything was broken. Teams spawned on top of each other. Blue setup rooms were wacky. Had to change maps.

    plr_locnlol_72 - Whole bridge being rollback zone is bad. Map is crazy confusing and changing spawn is just weird. Huge sniper line in the middle.

    pl_grimtuesday_72 - Nice try. Impressive you got a 3 stage CP out, but it's incredibly rough. Last stage's CP is wacky. Explodes before team wins.

    plr_fubarfx_72 - Silly and funny, but not much fun to play. Would be better if carts went past enemy team's spawn instead of your own.

    cp_prestige_72 - CP A is far too open. Too much height variation. CP B is pretty nice. Not sure what else to say, really. The caps always seemed to tug back and forth. Rarely did one team ever own both. And techno when they did!

    ctf_clayton - Too big. Very flat, wide, and narrow. Intel is in a very weird place and is awkward to get to. I like the water tunnel. Felt special finding it.

    Added Evening 6/30:

    koth_ritz_72 - I'm.... not sure about this. The spawns being back to back is, honestly, a terrible idea. You'll need to find a better solution. However, I'll freely admit, the rest of it with the tons of stairs and the elevator.... I kinda liked it and found myself having fun. But god help you if you tell anyone.

    Added Evening 7/1

    pl_bock - Pretty good for the 72 hours. A little long, straight, and narrow in some places. Lots and lots of sniper lines. I enjoyed playing it, though. I like how blue's spawn is set up, but a lot of people didn't seem to notice the shortcut to C and D, and I think it's mostly because it's not marked well and those people are stupid.

    pl_ym - Great detailing, obviously. Hate the walls around the track. Drove me batty. Remove them or make them wider, I dunno. Last point seems very, very hard to take. There's a sentry position on the bridge that is extremely difficult to get rid of. There's some nice flank points around the second to last point that I enjoyed. I could see it getting better with polish. Reminds me a lot of Hoodoo (for obvious reasons.)

    koth_nova - Okay map. Need cover around the point somewhere. It's just spam central. It was hard to get a feel of the map, really, because one team would take the point and then cover all the exits onto the point for the rest of the game.

    Added Evening 7/2

    cp_trotim_72 - CPs feel like massive spam generators. I think there is something intrinsically wrong with the gamemode. I wish it worked more like koth, where each point was opened for a certain amount of time (say 3 minutes) and if no one caps it in time, it moves to the next random cap. Or something, I dunno. It just felt off to me. It's too easy to spawn camp. One team always seemed to dominate for the majority of the game.

    cp_tomhoen_72 - Too cramped. First point has a bizarre displacement around it. Last point feels like a big box with a few entrances. Entries were to easy covered by one sentry. Defenders were generally trapped inside the building defending the point. I'd say just make the point more open.
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  7. Fr0Z3nR

    aa Fr0Z3nR Creator of blackholes & memes. Destroyer of forums

    Positive Ratings:
    You should read more.

    (Check the bottom of the table)

    Final 10. No particular order.

    pl_lemmines - Detailing is great. but I feel that there should've been more time spent on getting gameplay down.
    cp_ezekel - Very ambitious, and done pretty okay, a couple of gameplay issues, but that can be sorted out later.
    koth_sergis - I love me some dynamic elements
    ctf_mangy - Love this map and the game mechanics, much better than estate.
    plr_super - Excellent brushwork, from what I hear from super, the map is going to be very cool in the end.
    cp_ravage - bit too much height in some places, but fun. Ground texture looks like marshmellow covered dirt.
    koth_prestige - quite fun, points need some more cover, but enjoyable.
    plr_zhan - I liked how the cross over, isn't actually a crossover.
    koth_psy - took a couple of times of playing through it, but it was fun. just check your clipping next time :p
    koth_omnomnick - good start to a koth map, couple of things for feedback I'll point out later.

    I'm calling that my 10.
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  8. Vincent

    aa Vincent 🔨 Grandmaster Lizard Wizard Jedi 🔨

    Positive Ratings:

    My choices.
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  9. Fr0Z3nR

    aa Fr0Z3nR Creator of blackholes & memes. Destroyer of forums

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    I'm flushing the non-voting threads on here and moving them to the contest discussion thread.

    Please keep the thread to Votes for the prelim's please.
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  10. Zhan

    Zhan L5: Dapper Member

    Positive Ratings:
    Top 10 picks in alphabetical order:

    Keep in mind that these were really just notes to myself and some are harsh and unhelpful, let me know if you would like constructive criticism!

    Nova: a somewhat decent KotH map. Layout is generally good, but mid was very open and unfriendly to pyros. Slightly fun. No detail.
    Super: PLR. No detail, but unique and interesting visual style nonetheless. Surprisingly very fun for a map with no height variation on the track.
    Karma Police:
    Randdalf: A very interesting and unique PLR layout. Too many tight corridors and not enough close contact with the carts, IMO. Pretty fun, but broken so RED team can't win.
    Sniprpenguin: Interesting gametype, somewhat fun. Not enough time spent playing to judge effectively
    Mangy: Very fun, unique CTF gametype. No detail, but very polished gameplay and opportunities for all classes to shine.
    Languid: Apparently broken
    Loc: very interesting idea for a PLR variant. Map itself is not very well executed, rollback is unnecessary, and a bit dark. Slightly fun nonetheless.
    Grim Tuesday: huge, really dark, really open, not very fun. Some of the layout is slightly promising but everything is badly executed.
    Fubar: hilarious PL tug-of-war, gameplay/layout isn't the most convincing but everything seems well intentioned. Somewhat fun. No detail.
    Prestige: everything was a little overscaled, open, and sightliney, Doublepoint KotH entities are buggy (can't blame you for that one), but quite fun nonetheless. Not really detailed.
    Clayton: huge, badly optimized, layout was quite confusing, not very fun. Not a very convincing ctf map. Too dark. Slightly detailed.
    Hanz: quite polished 5CP layout, everything seemed well thought-out. Design was pretty cliched as far as 5CP maps go. Quite fun. No detail.
    Grazr: Pretty fun KotH map. Gameplay was alright, but slightly uninteresting. More height variation would have been good. Detailed quite well as far as I can tell, but too dark.
    Wilson: Walk times to flag are too long for non-scouts, mid is unconvincing. Not particularly fun. No detail.
    Ezekel: Pretty fun once we figured out the layout. Detailed quite nicely in parts.
    Ritz: Layout is just plain silly, too easy to spawncamp and point is too hard to reach. Slightly fun but not really a solid map. Detailed nicely, though!
    Leminnes: Very fun, well balanced, beautifully detailed 3point PL map. Could use more alternate routes in places.
    Vince: Somewhat fun, but not really an extremely creative CTF layout. Mid seems a little open, and kind of splits up attacking teams. Good start with the detailing.
    Sergis: I really like the moving CP mechanic in the KotH map. Gameplay is quite good, detailing is a good start. Layout could use a little polish.
    Frozen: Haven't seen the whole map but the parts I played were pretty great! Quite fun. Parts are detailed.
    Bock: Apparently broken?
    TomHoen: Pretty solid A/D CP stage. Layout needs tweaking in places and is slightly confusing, but was somewhat fun. Good start with the detailing.
    Ravidge: Custom payload cart is neat, map idea is interesting, detailing is decent, but the map is medieval mode, bso I found it not very fun at all.
    DaBP: Somewhat fun. Layout is a bit too open around mid. Crazy clipping issues. Detailing around mid is fantastic, but only mid is detailed.
    YM: Generally fun, layout is good but nothing too creative, balance could use some tweaking. Beautifully detailed, everything seems quite polished.
    Zhan: I LIKE TRAINS *fweeeeeeooooooow*
    RaVaGe: Didn't play for very long, but layout seems okay at best, and sightliney. Slightly fun. The parts that are detailed look fine.
    AyesDyef: Somewhat interesting single stage PL. Chokepoints and gameplay not very well thought out, could use more alternate routes. Somewhat fun. No detail.
    Trotim: Interesting idea for a gametype, but I didn't find gameplay to be entirely convincing. Pretty fun though. Detailing is a good start.
    Littleedge: Not a particularly interesting KotH layout, but played alright. Slightly fun. No detail.
    Om Nom Nick:
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  11. Prestige

    aa Prestige im not gay anymore

    Positive Ratings:

    got a lot more to play and decide upon. all in all, this contest was fantastic. sometimes i think I put too much emphasis on planning out maps for long periods of time, and making sure every detail is how i want it (then i get into hammer and scale doesnt match up). this contest provides an excellent push.
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  12. Wilson

    aa Wilson Boomer by Sleep

    Positive Ratings:
    (I edit more maps here later)

    My current votes for finals


    Very solid 5cp map, second cp's are really fun to play on and it doesn't have cliche bridge mid (The second point is instead!) The last could be better but it was 72 hour contest. Finish it, it is awesome.


    Holy pyro airblast cliff batman!
    Great fun, tough bit spammy, can't really say much about it, i like it.


    After few rounds and now that i know the layout i highly enjoy this map, it has interesting and fun layout.
    New ctf mode brings something fresh into old ctf mode.




    This is how medieval mode is done! Really fun medieval map and really kickass look for something made in 72 hours. Big bonus also for custom cart and arrow fire it carried. I beg you to finish this after the contest!


    It is king of the train, literally! Really like the idea and the map is fun to play on. (The sightline along the traintrack is annoying tough)


    Quite solid pl map tough bit cramped from here and there.
    Also i got to admit, this is bloody amazing detailing for 72 hour work, you are example to all of us.


    It is haunted gothic manor with frankenstain device (or something) with pretty sweet points.
    I don't think i need to add anything else.


    Very solid and fun A/D map, could use captime tweaking, but solid map.


    Was my so called 11th choice, fubar dropped out so now i am voting for this.

    (And i am done, for now)
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  13. Ida

    aa Ida deer

    Positive Ratings:
    Screenshots added.
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  14. RaVaGe

    aa RaVaGe

    Positive Ratings:
    Maps Gameplay Aesthetics Performance Creativity Technical Result
    cp_trotim 3 3 7 6 5 24+2 26
    cp_hanz 7 5 7 6 5 30+2 32
    cp_sniprpenguin 2 4 4 4 4 18+2 20
    cp_karmapolice 2 3 2 4 3 14+2 16
    cp_vincent 2 4 4 6 3 19
    cp_tomhoen 3 3 5 4 3 18
    cp_ezekel 4 5 6 4 6 25+3 28
    plr_leswordfish 5 4 6 5 2 22
    plr_zhan 5 5 2 6 5 23
    plr_super 4 4 5 4 5 22
    koth_omnomnick 2 4 2 2 3 13
    koth_littleedge 3 3 3 3 3 15
    koth_psy 6 8 7 5 7 33
    koth_reej 3 4 1 5 3 16
    koth_sergis 4 4 8 5 7 28
    koth_dabp 6 7 6 6 6 31
    72_nova 4 4 4 4 5 21
    koth_grazr 4 8 7 5 6 30
    koth_ritz 3 7 4 7 6 27
    arena_thekieranator 2 3 3 3 3 14
    ctf_wilson 3 2 4 3 3 15
    ctf_vince 3 3 4 4 4 18
    pl_ayesdyef 2 2 8 2 5 19+2 21
    pl_ravidge 6 6 3 7 7 29+2 31
    pl_leminnes 4 6 3 5 5 23
    pl_ym 6 7 6 5 8 32+2 34
    pl_grimtuesday 3 4 5 4 3 19+2 21
    pl_fubarfx 3 3 5 6 5 22
    pl_bock 3 3 5 4 3 18+2 20

    Sorry if I seem a little harsh in my ratings.

    Still need to play :

    Maps Gameplay Aesthetics Performance Creativity Technical Result
    plr_randalf - - - - - -
    plr_locnlol - - - - - -
    cp_frozen - - - - - -
    cp_languid - - - - - -
    ctf_mangy - - - - - -
    ctf_clayton - - - - - -
    koth_prestige - - - - - -
    koth_leftism - - - - - -


    #1 pl_ym 34/50
    #2 koth_psy 33/50
    #3 cp_hanz 32/50
    #4 pl_ravidge 31/50
    #5 koth_dabp 31/50
    #6 koth_grazr 30/50
    #7 cp_ezekel 28/50
    #8 koth_sergis 28/50
    #9 koth_ritz 27/50
    #10 cp_trotim 26/50
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  15. Ida

    aa Ida deer

    Positive Ratings:
    You don't actually have to rate them like that, Ravage. Do it if you want, of course, but all that's needed is the list of 10 maps.
  16. Ezekel

    Ezekel L11: Posh Member

    Positive Ratings:
    muffin, i'm not sure if it's significant or not, but you've left of the "_1" from my map's name in the list.

    current selection:
    (in no particular order)
    Column 1 Column 2 Column 3
    map/mapper feedback
    supersandvich: i like the flowy feel of the map. i dislike that the players start so far from the cart (cart not near players at start = players forget to push it). there's definetly a couple of sniper spots that i think are a lil too strong, especially as you approach the cap area. the ramp feels a lil odd without a rollback, but it mightbe too hard to cap if it was (it'd be quite a long rollback to be that close to a spawnroom). also: please don't have spawn room doors that are 1-way. it's very frustrating coming out of the lower door, finding lots of enemies nearby and being unable to retreat. despite all my complaints though, i still like this map. and when the gameplay is around the middle parts, it's just a lot of fun
    fubarfx: what can i say, i'm a sucker for gimmicks, and this map has 2. gameplay is a lil different, but i don't think it's too confusing (when in doubt just stand by the cart). gimmicks aside, the map also looks asthetically pleasing. update: on further playing the map remains fun for me, but the team that 1st gets to the cart is generally the winner because it's too hard for the other team to push the cart back past the enemy spawn room.
    loc_n_lol: brilliant concept here. i like how you've managed to squish what is effectively 2 stages into a single round. what i don't like is the narrow bridge. as the carts have to backtrack anyway, i'd suggest avoiding them sharing track. use a crossover if you have to in order to route the carts, but the narrow bridge is a death trap. i managed to get a quadruple backstab there once, and several triple backstabs. the long rollback on the bridge is also excessive in terms of fairness. suggestion: double the bridge width,let the carts travel side by side across it, perhaps put a crossover on the middle of it (but make it like the pipeline style rather than what you currently have), if you have to.
    sergis: nice simple mechanic that shakes up the koth gameplay. i like how it allows attacking engineers the chance to set up a lvl3 sentry and wait for the cap point to come to the sentry. cap changes hands alot, and there's good flanking going on. one down side that can't really be helped is that the moving CP necessitatesa long linear sightline, giving snipers a temporary really strong sniper location (till the train moves there). one thing i dislike is the big canyon. it feels like a deathpit when you fall in but isn't. i'd say remove the canyon entirely or make it WAY shallower. update: after playing it again, i still feel the same way as beore: deathpits do not improve the gameplay here. i'm still considering this map as a top 10 though because it's very enjoyable
    frozen: enjoyable. but feels a lil crampedin places. small size makes it too easy for red to push back. esp on stage 3. i'd suggest making intermediate between points areas slightly larger, and maybe increase the size (slightly) of the areas immediately after the intermediate areas so that blu doesn't get to come out quite so close to the point when they commit to an attack.
    leswordfish: i love the thematic choices, and the gameplay is fun. pyros on the corners above the cliffs are a lil too strong because they can airblast people off in one puff. this could be fixed by putting some geometry on the side to catch people being blasted. there's perhaps an issue of spawncamping, but not a major one. also, consider replacing the pond at the end with a bottomless pit, i think it'd be more appropriate.
    leminnes: a decent map. looks pretty good, plays pretty good. not too sure about the metally barn blitz textures on the lower half of the blue spawn though.
    ravidge: asthetics: top notch. the final point i feel is too long to walk to, especially with red having some very sniper friendly battlements. overall kinda fun, but i think i woulda prefered it to be not medieval mode. also one of red's final spawns sticks you in the ground
    ravage: hate how leaving spawn almost always makes you enter the adjacent spawn. otherwise it plays alright and has nice paths. even though i typically dislike 5cp maps i actually enjoyed this one. oh also, your cubemaps are pure white, what's up with that?
    omnomnick: nice central area. nice height options. nice map over all. the open area in front of the spawn rooms leads to spawn camping. i think i saw one team get locked down for a little while at one point. need to play this more, it might make my top-ten selection pending how often/easily the spawn rooms get camped update: playing some more seems to show that a complete lock down isn't quite as easy as it 1st appears, and gameplay will oscillate back and forth across the map. pretty good overall. considering you as one of my top-ten still


    Column 1 Column 2 Column 3
    map/mapper feedback
    anova: not bad from what i've played of it. one niggle though so far: the water is pointless at the point. hardly visible and very shallow. may as well remove it. need to play this more (i.e. at least 2 full rounds of it) to pass proper judgement. update: seems ok after playing some more. it feels hard to hold the point though. also the spawn areas seem like they could be campable too
    vincent: massive sightlines for snipers. texturing/detailing seemed alright. the central area feels a little messy in terms of connectivity. the point is open and sits very close to the spawn, making it hard to capture. it did feel a little odd playing TC style gameplay across a single round, but not entirely in a bad way. upate: get a lot of steam roll potential and sneaky caps in early game or lotsa stalmating. also, respawn time is too long relative to cap time
    karmapolice: very foggy at low distances. lower spawn exit door blocks upper exit door when it's open. map is overscaled. by the time i get to the 2nd point it feels like it's the middle point
    randdalf: no cubemaps. ammo locker doesn't work. last stretch of track very easy to defend. red can't cap, instead cart just sits on point. death pit is unneccessary. map is also quite small... or maybe it just feels like that because of how close the spawn/cap of each team is to the other team's spawn/cap
    sniprpenguin: map needs a lot more signage (both in map and on hud). the point layout should be like on gravelpit in the hud. cap time too fast on 1st 3 points. last point feels more like a 5cp finalpoint due to proximity to spawn room. it's just too red friendly on the last point. compare this to gravelpit or furnace, they should demonstrate better final points than yours for this type of gameplay. oh also did i mention that the ABC points cap too fast?
    mangy: feels long and claustrophobic. the paths are all pretty narrow too. overall i didn't like the gameplay of the map, but the gamemode has promise
    languid: too dark, i found myself occasionally walking off edges because i couldn't see where the ground ended. also breaks after 1 round has been played
    grimtuesday: nice ideas. many bugs, misaligned brushes lead to leaks, leads to no bounce lighting. love how can see the doomsday machine of stage3 from stage2
    clayton: the map is too long, areas are too dark. feels like there's no bounce lighting. do like that you've put water in the map. tf2 doesn't have enough maps using water
    hanz: not really a fan of 5cp maps because the tendency to stale at 4th and 5th points, however as 5cp goes it seems pretty balanced out. need to play it again when i'm not so tired. update: hdr = ouch on white snow (dunno why i didn't notice this last time i played this). it's painfully bright and i'm still not enjoying it, but it does seem balanced (classes and teams)
    grazr: lighting is a lil low in places. balance seems alright, though i'm still not 100% sure on the layout (i don't find i'm getting lost when i play but when i stop to think about the map, i can't really work out the layout in my mind at all). need's playerclipping around the support beams in the spawn room. cap point itself feels risky to stand on. it's small so not a lot of room to manoeuvre, and it's fairly open in that it's hard to clear out the nearby area of the other team to allow it to be safely capped
    wilson: long map is loooooooong. (actually this seems to be a trend in this contest, all the ctfs seem overly long as far as i can recall). at least one of the paths out of the team bases from spawn seems pointless because it just connects back up again. also the roof in spawn feels a lil low
    thekieranator: dark, kinda simple, not enough metal. favours jumperable classes. also, you can kill people before the round starts as a demoman it would seem (consider investing in doors during start up time)
    ezekel: nope.avi
    ritz: if you want such a vertical building to house the point you need vertical structures around the map to support the gameplay, otherwise it's too easy to lock down the point once you setup on it. the lift is a good idea, but it can be a deathtrap if there's a soldier in the gaps above it. spawn doors needed, also the proximity to enemy spawn is waaaaaaay too close, instead put the spawns on opposite sides of the cap building. too easy to set up sentrys or stickybomb traps as you know where people are going to be attacking from. finally, for every floor of the cap building, you need to allow players to be able to reach the next floor from 2 sides at once (opposite sides), to prevent people being able to predict what direction they'll be attacked from when they're higher up
    vince: has an interesting mid. the bases aren't as good thouhg. almost feels turbiney? also the water route seems unnecessary. also people can jump out of the map
    prestige: ... i'm a sucker for gimmicks like i said. i wasn't too sure about this map at 1st, but "timehasbeenadded-timehasbeenadded-timehasbeenadded" and "ov-ov-ov-ov-ov-ov-overtime" made it impossible for me to dislike it. on a more serious note: gameplay is a little lacking. most of the time the action was on the basketball court. i think you need to improve the connectivity between the 2 points, maybe signage the existing connectivity a bit better, and perhaps make the points a little more similar in layout. as it stands the b-ball court point has a lot of open ground, with height advantage on either sides, whilst the other point is more enclosed. as a result i think people gravitate to the b-ball court because open space is usually more attractive to a person, plus it lets you see the other team a little sooner so you know you're going the right way. of course i might be wrong in my analysis here. i can't quite remember the access routes to the points from the spawns, perhaps the b-ball court just has a friendly access path
    trotim: nice idea. execution needs work. you need to add ABC sub icons to the hud so it's clear which CP is open. also to prevent stalemate, consider making a point relock if it doesn't get captured after too long and unlocking a different point instead. finally, have more points on the map than could be captured in a single round (think about 6 cps, and 1st to 3 caps wins), otherwise it becomes too easy for engies to set up on the final point before it unlocks. (also with only 3 points, after the 1st is capped there's not enough options available for the random selection mechanic to truly shine).
    leftism: boring/poor displacement work, gameplay is kinda fun though, nice height variation around the point. though can be annoying if you're up there and your target is hiding directly under you. cave path isn't clear enough and seems to be ignored. being able to plant sentries on the concrete block just where the teams enter the mid area is too strong i think
    tomheon: props are not always placed appropriately (i.e. inside brushes, or doorways with frames that are too narrow). 1st point is hard to get on to cos of the steep displacement. however there is some interesting brush geometry going on.
    dabeatzproject: there's a lack of cubemaps i think. i came across one path that was playerclipped off when it clearly wasn't supposed to be. other than that though, gameplay was pretty fun, and balanced. one other thing though: i'm not a fan of the horizontal respawnvisualiser. it's just odd, but more than that, that could easily turn into a pipe bomb spam access point for an enemy demoman wanting to spawn camp.
    YM: detailing looks alright. gameplay feels a lil stale i think. it might be better in the completed version, but during tests i found it to be a lil dry. in particular i disliked the long straight inside the building, and the corner directly after that interior area was really difficult to push beyond. the barriers around the track seem like an interesting/novel idea, not really sure how much they add to gameplay though, since it's giving blue more cover, but also squishing them into a tighter space. need to play it some more. update:after playing again, i still standby what i've said. sorry. blue gets squished too much, and there's a terribly hard corner to push past immediately after a fairly straight part. that corner is hard because the flank around it is only accessible from a position that exposes you to the enemy to access, and 2ndarily i think the fact that blue are trying to turn right here instead of left has a slight effect due to the rockets/pipes firing from the right of the character. for such a small map, teleporters shouldn't be compulsory, despite your feelings that they should be. also, speaking from experience (i've made a lot of maps which just don't work and get frustrated because players weren't doing what to me seemed the obvious thing to do), if you felt you had to go engie and build the teleporters that you believed blue needed in order to be successful, then more often than not there's an issue with the layout/gameplay, not the players.
    zhan: mostly good. don't like how we get height advantage just before capping over the enemy spawn room. also train should be more frequent (typically we were noly seeing it once per round, if that)
    ayesdyef: going across the bridge and the lava bridge after the 1stpoint is very hard. red ammo locker does not work. could do with more health pick ups. blue spawn to the last areas is very long
    psy: overall, it's the hydro theme without the dam. feels a lil bit generic to me astheticaly. gameplay, not too bad i suppose, but as a spy i was having a hard time traversing the map, and a hard time pulling off backstabs due to the openness around the centre. i think i was a lil harsh in my feelings for this map because it was the last in a string of KOTHs that i was playing, so i need to play it some more. update after playing some more, i'm sorry, i'm still not feeling this map. but i did discover a doorway in the sniper tower that has a playerclip in it's way. one other thing, the texture scale on the water seems a lil too high, make it a bit smaller perhaps, and maybe a lil deeper. it's teasing people with it's lack of being able to extinguish burning players
    littleedge: make this an arena and it'd play better. if the ammo lockers were present it -might- have made an ok koth, but it doesn't really feel like a koth. couple of long sightlines but nothing game breaking. one thing that i really disliked was the raised platform for the 2nd spawn exit that was just too high to jump to (i can't remember if it was crouch jumpable), that you spawn right next to. - maybe extend the spawn room backwards more so you have room for a staircase that that is facing the players.
    REEJ: too dark inside the cap building. medieval mode props used (e.g. locker) but not medieval mode. no cubemaps. sewer has fire particles, but no light entities. broken areaportals in the cave. too dark in the cave and the sewer (i.e. no lights). despite all this though, the map looks pretty interesting. i like the theme. just work on the gameplay and lighting more.
    bockagon: red is at a disadvantage from get go. the map has a fair amount chokey'ness. red can hold last point too easily cos no flanks and long sightline along bridge.
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    1. CTF_Mangy
    2. PL_Ravidge

    EDIT: - Sorry. I really haven't spent a lot of time playing any of the maps so I'm not going to be able to create a list of 10 maps when I haven't even played that many.
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    Ezekel, the version that I submitted actually has the deathpit. You should recheck the maps that you've only played before deadline as you might find a lot of new stuff in the actual contest versions :p
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    ok. will do.
    although i still stand by what i said: don't have a deathpit in this map.
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