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72-Hour Mapping Contest #2 Judging Thread

Discussion in 'Contests' started by Ida, Jun 30, 2011.

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  1. Ida

    aa Ida deer

    Positive Ratings:
    The 72-Hour Mapping Contest is over, and wow is there reason to be impressed! 37 maps have come out of this contest, compared to last year's 22. That's a total working time of 111 days. It's time to decide whose chunk of these days was best spent - or as kids these day say, it's time to vote.

    We've run a preliminary round, narrowing the remaining maps down to sixteen, and those are the maps you get to vote on.

    The way it works is that you have to make a list of your three favorite maps, in order from best to second-best and third-best. The you awarded first place will get three points, the map in second place will get two points and the map in third place will get one point. The winner is decided based on the total score.

    To make sure you've actually played the maps, provide a short comment on each one, saying why it deserves its spot on the list. Please include the FULL name of the map in your voting post. You cannot vote for your own map.

    Here's an example of how your post should look:

    In this example, George gets 3 points, Albert gets 2 points and Francine gets 1 point. For shame, Francine, I expected better of you.

    Now, here comes the important part.
    Judge all maps on how good they are overall. A good rule to go by is to ask yourself how much fun you've had on the various maps. Looks do not matter at all if the map isn't any good to play on.

    Please only post your votes here. Contact me via PM (here or on Steam) if you have a question.
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  2. Fr0Z3nR

    aa Fr0Z3nR Creator of blackholes & memes. Destroyer of forums

    Positive Ratings:
    Unlocked and Cleaned up.

    Except, its stuck to the top of the sub-forum now... I'll clean up that later.
  3. Ritz

    Ritz L2: Junior Member

    Positive Ratings:
    1: koth_grazr_72
    2: pl_ym_72
    3: koth_psy_72

    An easy top 3 for me.

    Grazr: Basically a finished map, not much else to say. Looks great, plays pretty well too.
    YM: The only non-KotH 72 hour map that could've passed for a 'real' map. A huge achievement and I look forward to playing it after it's been developed further.
    Psy: Probably technically the best map, but not the one I had the most fun playing. Still, it's so polished it makes my list.
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  4. MangyCarface

    aa MangyCarface Mapper

    Positive Ratings:
    1. ezekel: This takes my top vote due to its at least passable level of detail, combined with some great early special effects, which are on top of a decent and extensive layout. It all comes together to be one very impressive piece of work in 72 hours.
    2. YM: This map wins on many of the same points as ezekel. Easily the most thoroughly detailed in the contest, but what puts it above other entries in terms of gameplay is the clear playtesting and refinement, no matter how small, in the very short period of time alotted.
    3. Ravidge: It was hard to put this in my top three because I don't really like the map, but that is entirely a function of my dislike for the medieval gamemode. Given the gamemode, though, the map pulls off a new idea with great thoroughness, and a layout long enough to be pretty impressive combined with its amount of detail. The custom cart obviously required some time investment, and the attachment of an ignition source is brilliant. I have to put such ingenuity in my top 3.

    I did love almost all of the 72hr maps to at least a decent degree, and especially a number of those in this toplist. Given a pretty flat plateau of playability, however, it was, in the end, the level of detail and scope of the map that ended up pushing these three above the others. If we were to vote on potential, this list would be very different :)
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  5. Sel

    Sel Banned

    Positive Ratings:
    1st: plr_supersandvich_72_3

    I love the curves. The environment is kinda interesting, and this is probably one of the select few PLR maps I've ever had fun on.

    2nd: ctf_mangy_72

    Another fun attempt to make tf2's ctf gametype not horrible, and it worked our pretty nicely.

    3rd: cp_frozen_72

    It's very surprising that a map made in 72 hours could have 6 points that rival regular 3 stage a/d maps. Either way this is a lot of fun, lookin forward to future builds of this.
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  6. tyler

    aa tyler

    Positive Ratings:
    1. cp_frozen

    Probably the only map I've been able to play in its initial release state more than a few times without getting incredibly angry about something stupid. Great layout that probably won't require more than a handful more iterations.

    2. cp_ezekel

    For daring to create one of the most dynamic kinds of maps and then actually doing a pretty good job. Like all the maps in this contest it needs work, but I'm still damned impressed.

    3. pl_leminnes

    A short and sweet payload, like a lost Thunder Mountain stage. Good use of height and well done balancing on the flanks. A bit grindy at the end, but nothing a good alpha or two won't iron out.
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  7. Prestige

    aa Prestige im not gay anymore

    Positive Ratings:
    1. pl_ravidge
    i didn't rly wanna vote for this one just cause it's medieval but it's far more fun than degroot, and there was definitely an apparent amount of work that went to make this.

    2. cp_ezekal
    fun steel map, i like how E plays a lot more than steel E, and it's nicely detailed.

    3. ctf_mangy
    It's basically what ctf should have been on release. the gamemode is perfect and the layout is a lot of fun. i think people pretended not to have played this map when we were testing just to play it again
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  8. Wilson

    aa Wilson Boomer by Sleep

    Positive Ratings:

    Medieval mode made fun with interesting layout and good detailing for 72 hour map.
    No doubt one of the best maps to come out of this contest.


    For 72 hour map the gameplay on this map is impressive, it plays more or less stock A/D map and it great fun. You should be proud Frozen.


    Very fun 5cp map, another impressive and fun map for product of only 72 hours.
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  9. h3r1n6

    h3r1n6 L4: Comfortable Member

    Positive Ratings:
    1. pl_ym
    2. koth_dabp
    3. koth_sergis_72

    YM: Solid payload map. It has some issues, like no forward spawn, a tad too linear for my taste and a few too man pickups. It has diverse areas and is generally fun to play. My favorite of them all.

    DaBeatzProject: I quite enjoyed the gameplay on it. It's a bit viaduct-ish with the hill, but much wider.

    Sergis: The concept is interesting, but I actually quite dislike how it is layed out. I am not sure why it gets my vote, but somehow I had fun on the map.
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  10. DaBeatzProject

    aa DaBeatzProject

    Positive Ratings:
    1. CP HANZ - Solid 5CP Map - Really fun, I love the last CP.
    2. CTF MANGY - Epic gamemode - needs some work, but it'll definately get there.
    3. PL RAVIDGE - See above - Epic gamemode, layout is a tad big, but you know what to do eh? (catapults)
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  11. Fr0Z3nR

    aa Fr0Z3nR Creator of blackholes & memes. Destroyer of forums

    Positive Ratings:
    Okay. Here we go.

    1. pl_leminnes_72: Another surprise, barely any testing, yet plays well for a compact PL map. Final stretch is a grind and a bit cramped, but this can be fixed easily. Interested to see where it goes (if it goes anywhere) after the contest

    2. cp_ezekel_72_1: Honestly, this map was quite a surprise. Still have a few issues early on with attack A/B, seems a tad overscaled in some places (stairs next to A for example), but E is enjoyable.

    3. ctf_mangy_72: "Hah no man, my layout is shit" - a quote from mangy first time I mentioned he was in the contest. Frankly, I think the layout is great for his newly self-proclaimed "Capture some flags CSF" ... Very curvey and the height variation is great.

    Are people going to penalized for NOT using the full file name :p ?
  12. Tekku

    aa Tekku

    Positive Ratings:
    1. cp_frozen

    Despite of some issues, that frozen probably knows about, i've had a lot of fun playing this map, not only because it's a good map to grind kills for my rocket launcher, but because it's a well made a/d map, in less than 72 hours. Having fun in each part of it, both, when defending and attacking. Also even after playing the map for a few times it never gets boring, so that's a big plus for me, a map which is both fun and not boring. (strange combo really)

    2. ctf_mangy

    Although at first i was a bit skeptical about this map, due to not knowing the game mode well, it turned out to be a fresh breath of air in the game mode, it just feels like it should've been in the game since it's release. Although of some flaws, like spammy routes, chokes, and an advantage for both soldiers and demos, this map was fun. Although some people would find it confusing at first, i've found it too, but later on, you will learn the game mode, and enjoy everything the map offers.

    3. pl_ym

    A really well made map, which has the quality of a "final" map, despite of it being made in 45? or so hours. Both it looks good, and it plays pretty well. Same as with frozens map, i enjoyed playing soldier, and grinding kills for my r.l.
    But there are some issues which didn't let the map be higher, for example the indoor part is rather boring (my opinion), and the map gets kinda spammy in the last part and in the beginning. But still despite of this, map deserves to be in top-3.
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  13. RaVaGe

    aa RaVaGe

    Positive Ratings:
    #1. cp_hanz_72 : Nice map I like the layout a lot and how it play.
    #2. koth_dabp : I loved the detailing, the point where a bit spammy but I liked it.
    #3. plr_leswordfish_72 : Flying cart > all.

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  14. owly-oop

    aa owly-oop im birb

    Positive Ratings:
    1. plr_zhan
    2. koth_sergis
    3. plr_lewswordfish

    tbh i think it's stupid how detail is being taken into account with the judging
    and how you can only rank 3 maps

    zhan: fun layout, detail is alright
    sergis: also a fun layout, who cares about there being no detail (i dont) and a really cool twist on koth
    leswordfish: also a fun plr map :D

    i wanna mention ctf_mangy for being fun and it would be my 4th choice (although i dont like the middle and how the layout has a phobia of sightlines)
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  15. Zhan

    Zhan L5: Dapper Member

    Positive Ratings:
    1. ctf_mangy_72
    2. pl_leminnes_72
    3. koth_sergis_72

    ctf_mangy_72: A very well thought-out layout that perfectly showcases a unique new gametype. Even though the map ends up being rather scout-friendly there were definitely places for all classes to be useful. Probably the most fun I've ever had on a TF2 CTF map.

    pl_leminnes_72: A very solid layout made this PL map really fun and exciting to play. I felt like an interesting fight developed around each of the points, which were novel enough to distinguish the map from other single-stage PL maps. Balance felt quite good: whenever BLU won, it was a very close and exciting game.

    koth_sergis_72: A wonderful new take on the KotH gametype with an interesting layout (which could still use a little polish). Very fun to see how the battle for the point changes as it moves through the three areas.

    Maps that came close:
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  16. Ida

    aa Ida deer

    Positive Ratings:
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  17. Loc_n_lol

    aa Loc_n_lol

    Positive Ratings:
    Well, that's ... difficult, they all have some merits and some weak spots...

    1. koth_psy : Out of all of them this is simply the one that combines the best gameplay and aesthetics IMO. The only thing it lacks is a bit of polish, and some ambition, maybe, but in the context of this contest I think it paid off not to make unreasonable plans.

    2. pl_ym : It seems nearly impossible to cap the final point, which is bad, but nothing some tweaks can't fix, overall has a very high quality throughout, someone's been taking the '72 hours' limitation very litterally I suspect. :p

    3. plr_supersandvich : Despite the dev texturing it manages to make a strong impression by it's geometry. I like how it strikes a great balance of open and narrow, and provides flanks without excess. The only major fault here is that it stalemates near the end, like most plr maps, but the timer is here to make sure it doesn't drag on indefinitely.

    So that's it, I'll leave a short note for the others
    dabp: looking good but it's kinda too open overall, possibly too much health (or maybe it's just that the scout friendliness makes healthpacks more annoying, I don't know), also spawn design = wtf.
    ezekel: some potential in this map, I'm digging the final point, but the first point is just too difficult to approach, which is a problem. Aesthetically is good but could be even better.
    frozen: didn't get to play enough to formulate an opinion on balance, but overall that seems to have potential. why didn't you put this into the cp contest ? :p
    grazr: I don't really dig this one, sorry. Control point isn't very interesting with its narrow ground-level entrances, and I'm not too fond of the texture choice on the chapel or the lighting overall. Middle area plays decently well, maybe a little too open.
    hanz: env_tonemap_controller, use it, please. I'd say last is a little easy to flank and backcap, which is annoying but not crippling. aesthetically looks good but not exceptional and of course it's not detailed.
    mangy : Like the idea but I think you should get rid of some of the alternate routes which see very little practical use and make navigation confusing.
    ravidge : Impressive work, but it needs forward spawns on both sides so that the battle line flollows the cart's progress. Also I don't usually play medieval, and playing this map, I know why (I blame Valve for pushing the abomination that is the "demoknight" and shoving it in our face, if you want to melee you have to play THIS class)
    sergis: Feels constrained, the train practically block passage in narrow spaces, which can prevent players from reaching the point. Very long sightlines in some other places.
    cp_trotim: custom game mode works fine, I think, but the layout is not open enough imo, which leads to copious spam. I think this would work well with points the size of gravel pit's or a little smaller.

    If your map doesn't appear in the list I didn't play it or I don't remember well enough.
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  18. Leminnes

    aa Leminnes

    Positive Ratings:
    I do not have the energy right now to make big long explanations so here are my top 3 with some minor notes on why:

    1. cp_hanz_72 - Nice homage to Granary. Extremely well designed with fun and interesting points. This one NEEDS to be finished.
    2. koth_psy_72 - Very nicely designed, nice use of vertical space. Center point did not seem flat and boring like other koth maps.
    3. cp_frozen_72 - Lots of work went into this, and I'll honestly be surprised if it doesn't win or come close. Some of the points are quite rough, but they all have much potential.
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  19. Turbo Lover

    aa Turbo Lover Fight me under Glasgow Central Station

    Positive Ratings:
    ctf_mangy_72: Original gamemode and the most fun I've had with ctf in a while.

    cp_frozen_72: A large amount of work squeezed into 72 hours, but the neat little dynamic arrows and barriers are my favourite part by far.

    plr_supersandvich_72: Surprisingly fun, really enjoyed playing it. It was rather linear, however.
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  20. Omnomnick

    Omnomnick L6: Sharp Member

    Positive Ratings:
    1. koth_dabp_72: A map that is pretty fun to play. Yeah it has certain clipping problems, but it looks good and plays well.

    2. cp_frozen_72: You've done a great deal in a small time span. All the areas are fun to play for both teams, there aren't too many major issues, and I like the 'story line' this map has, shutting down the wind turbines etc. Nice work.

    3. pl_ravidge_72: A fun twist on the medieval mode, a lot of work has been put into making the map look great, and for a medieval map it plays pretty nicely too. Good job.
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