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    I am thinking of making a symmetrical 5CP map. However, I want to make it so the three middle points are in a perpendicular line to the base points, and that they are always available for capture. Plus, the only way to cap the final point would be to own all three middle points. To me, this would make it less linear and more like a "battlefront," where your team would constantly have to shift from point to point.

    Another thing that I like about this is that the middle point would have slightly more of an advantage, as it is both higher and has access to all CPs (although not directly, i.e. they wouldn't be straight-line, ramp-only paths).

    Now when I told my idea to my friend (fellow TF2maps.net mapper, got me into it) he said that it might be a little frantic or too spread out for reliable play. And so I bring it to you:

    Would a map structured vaguely (by which I mean paths are not perfectly straight and/or can be changed) in this way work?

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    If that game play would work then your layout is probably about the best way to do it.

    Might be better to not have the last point go to mid though. too many paths, to easy to camp the other teams last while your team caps the 3. Would also focus the fighting into 2 paths, which might help the losing team fight out again instead of getting ninja'ed.
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    Looks a little confusing, but thats just because its in layout (I guess)... Since it really isn't Valve "norm" to do it like that, make sure the points are labeled and clear. And probably with a little bit of "if this point is capped by this person, only certain people can use it" type doors/hallways might be good.

    I guess the only way to find out if this works is to make it and have it tested :)
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