3CP-->A/D Combo Map Entities

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    I'm trying to create a map with a forking round system as follows:

    In round 1, RED and BLU compete for 3 control points, just like your standard 5 CP except fewer points. This part is easy.

    Then, I want play in round 2 to fork according to who won round 1. If BLU wins round 1, then it attacks 2 RED CPs and RED must hold out for 10 mins or so. Or if RED wins round 1, then it attacks 2 BLU CPs and BLU most hold out.

    After round 2, the map restarts.

    Can anyone think of a clever way to do this? Or has it already been done? (I have not yet scoured the forums searching for an answer.) I have tried a few configurations trying to enable and disable timers and t_c_p round entities, but this does not seem to work.