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Da Spud Lord

Occasionally I make maps
Mar 23, 2017
Before anyone else suggests it, I already checked the VDC's list of TF2 particles, and did not find anything of the sort. So instead I unpacked all the particle files from their .VPK, loaded up TF2 into the particle editor, and searched through the particle files to find the Jarate and Mad Milk particles. The particle name seems to be "peejar_impact" for Jarate and "peejar_impact_milk" for Mad Milk. If you need a smaller Jarate explosion, "peejar_impact_small" seems to be a smaller version of "peejar_impact". There does not appear to be an associated smaller version of the Mad Milk explosion.

For anyone looking to modify or see how these particles were made, the particles can be found in "item_fx.pcf".