3 Types of Teleportation

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    The tutorial is for newer players. The following text is meant to elaborate a bit on the video, not as a stand-alone tutorial:

    1. The Obj_Teleporter
    It works as an engineer building. Both the exit and entrance must be named and placed in the "Matching Teleporter" parameter. You should probably set the team on both of them, but it only really matters for the entrance. It may still work if the exit is the opposite team.

    When/How to use them:
    With caution

    The problem:
    They are sappable. Although there is an "Invulnerable" checkbox, that does not block sapping. A normal sapper will disable the teleporter (or any obj_ entity). A fix would be to not check that box, let it be sapped. You can use a combination of a point_template and an env_entity spawner to respawn in OnDestroyed. More info on that here.
    The other problem is the dreaded Red Tape Recorder. That sapper unbuilds buildings, not destroying them. Therefore the event OnDestroyed is never fired and you can't respawn them. The fix for that would be enclosing the teleporters in brushes, textured with the invisible texture.
    What I did was that I had the entrance in spawn and the exit enclosed in skybox brushes far away, with a trigger_multiple around it.
    That solves most of the problems and provides a nice little teleporter.

    1. The Trigger_Teleport
    This is the most popular choice.
    This is a very basic trigger entity and all that you need to specify is the target destination (but make sure "clients" is checked in the "flags" tab).
    The target destination can be the entity called info_teleport_destination or any other entity really. It is recommended you use that one entity and make sure it is a bit off the ground so that the player doesn't get stuck.
    For entity-count paranoid mappers, you can even use that very trigger_multiple as a target destination. Just move the origin over to the target destination and give your trigger a name. Although that is not recommended since it just makes things more difficult when trying to locate it and move it.

    1. The AddOutput Method
    While most mappers don't use this method, it becomes very handy for specific situations.
    It's a bit more complex, so I wouldn't use it unless you start to really know what you're doing.

    This is an output, so it can be on either a button or a trigger brush. This method requires you to find the coordinates of where you want the player to be teleported. I use spec_pos in TF2 and copy/paste the first 3 numbers it gives me.

    Why Is This Useful:
    Glad you asked - a couple of reasons. For one, when used with a button, the player can be anywhere in the map and still be teleported. You don't need to enable/disable a huge trigger_teleport brush.
    The second main reason I would give is that you're able to add this output from another trigger. What I mean by this is that you're able to use a bit more complicated of a procedure to add this teleport output to the entity of your choice.

    Say you want ButtonA to play a sound, but if ButtonB has been pressed before it, then make this button also teleport you. Using an AddOutput on ButtonB that looks something like:[​IMG]
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