2S Logic P2

Capture the points. Owning both speeds the timer up!

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    2S Logic - Capture and hold the control points. If you own both, your timer counts down twice as fast.

    Kube requested logic again from me for DejaVu. (I don't know why, but he'll never learn.) 2S is a CP-KOTH hybrid in which teams must capture and hold the points. One point controlled will make the team's timer count down normally while controlling both will make the timer count down twice as fast!

    If you'd like to change the time required to win each round, change the tf_logic_koth 'Timer Length' value as well as the counter_time_zz_2s 'Initial Value' and 'Maximum Legal Value'.

    Disable the VisGroup WorldBase when copying the logic.

    Please note that this version (P1) does not include changes in RespawnWaveTimes, announcer lines, an overtime function, or a stalemate function. These will be introduced in version P2 if there is enough of an interest.

    P2 brings a slew of quality of life changes, but still lacks an overtime function due to limitations within the logic. I am currently looking into possible ways to implement this in a manner that makes sense to players.
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