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    Taking of where 8cube left, here come 2cube.

    2cube has two special cubes (hence the name), a bright blue one and a bright red one. these are containers for the team's flag and the capture zone. so basicly jump into the enemies one and you get the flag. These are also physics enabled, allowing a dynamic location for the flag. Also you can if you have a coordinated team, bring both cubes to your side together and easily score a gazillion points.

    The good old white physics cube return being slightly more resource friendly. Also the regular static colored cubes return, but now come in three sizes, so non-superjump capable classes can climb them.

    Also, this version does not have a point_servercommand:O

    I'm not sure if I want to take this seriously, and make a decent competitive playable version, or one that is just chaos. What I do know is that a lot of custom content is coming. (aka a not crap-looking version)