2 Problems with control points

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    Hello :3
    Im currenty working on a map using cp_steel "formula" but Im adding little twist and I need a little help with 2 problems

    Problem #1
    How do I give ownership of point A to the blue team from the start of the map (Only the point A)

    Problem #2
    How do I make the point A (under the ownership of blue team) locked until point B (under the ownership of the red team [unlocked from the start]) is captured by the blu team (unlocking point A)

    +Not breaking the hud

    Thank you for any kind of help
    I everything imaginable but nothing seems to work
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    1. In the team_control_point entity (the CP hologram) for the point A, change the Default Owner keyvalue from Red to Blue.
    2. First set the Start locked keyvalue on the team_control_point for point A to Yes. Then go to the trigger_capture_area entity for point B (the trigger brush surrounding the point and defining the capture area) and add this output to it:
    My Output > Target Entity Target Input Parameter Delay Only Once
    OnCapTeam2 <name of the team_control_point for A> SetLocked 0 0.00 No