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    i'm having 2 problems with my map,
    1. i did a complete artpass on timber terror and tons of other stuff. i compile the map and load it in tf2 but the changes aren't there. so for example if there was a rock prop and i changed it to a barrel and compiled it and then loaded it in tf2. the rock will still be there and theres no barrel.
    2. when i go in the console while in the map it will say vis overun. what is it and how do i fix it
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    The VDC Page for Vis Overrun had this to say: "This compiling error is a sign that there are far too many visleaves in the target map"
    How well optimized is your map? Try looking around your map with only world geometry enabled. Try to find small brushes that don't block visibility; these should be turned func_details.

    The VDC Article doesn't say whether or not Vis Overrun causes the map to fail to compile, but it may be the cause of your first problem. To isolate the cause of the error, consider using alt-p to bring up the Hammer Error list, or hide progressively larger sections of your map until the error goes away.
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