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0ddball's Salute From the Land of Frogs !

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by 0ddball, May 6, 2008.

  1. 0ddball

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    I'm a server admin, a player and also used to be a modder for the Call of Duty series games.

    I also played a lot Day of Defeat (from the first release to the present Source - And ok, I'm not that young...:p)

    I've heard about TF2 (I've played very few TFC games) "free weekend", tryed it, liked it and finally bought it.

    I'm a complete noob but hope to progress at that game too...BTW, with my actual skills, I can only progress...:crying::)

    We have now a public TF2 server ( in test phase for the moment and I hope to find here some nice maps to put on it.

    Best regards to all of you.

    PS: FOr my favourites classes and maps...Well..I have to discover them...;)
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  2. Memento Mori

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    Hi. The game is great (obviously :p) and I hope you have a good time playing.
  3. R3dRuM

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    You can find some nice and easy tutorials on our tutorial section or just google them. Good luck
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