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  1. zythe_

    zythegpit a9

    gravel-pit style attack/defend map with process theme.
  2. Katsu! :3

    Multi Stage Probowl rc1

    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Probowl! Probowl is a "Pro" version of cp_dustbowl, created by @zythe_. The map has a multitude of changes to hopefully make it more viable for both Standard and Competitive play. Until recently, the map was available via the steam workshop! MAJOR CHANGES: - A...
  3. zythe_

    zytheconv a5

  4. zythe_

    dungeon (junction event) rc1

    the tag line doesn't lie. halloween reskin of cp_junction made with the full knowledge and consent of sean "heyo", the original creator of cp_junction. i added a underworld.
  5. youporkchop5

    Empire rc2

    KOTH map made in collaboration with zythe, _rhamkin and radarhead! Even massive mega-corporations vying for a global hegemony over the world need office space. However, when you have to share that office space with another mega-corporation trying to achieve the same thing, AND your greatest...
  6. Tiftid

    koth_tifzy _a3a

    Zythe pitched in to help with this one. This map features "wind" in the form of vents that launch you towards a multi-leveled tower of a control point.