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  1. Rbstat

    ShellShock 2022-11-21

    A ww1 themed 5cp map that has been designed to deliberately be bad, in a similar way that Turbine is bad. Except that A: The whole map is a straight line so that it can be absolute sniper hell. and B: making it 5cp so that it forces teams to make pushes and defenses, so that it can't become a...
  2. K

    TrenchBeach B5

    Welcome to TrenchBeach! The WW1 themed KOTH map. Current Works Finishing the polish, and major details. Evolution of the original map version: View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpVYBHxCR5I&t=1837s .
  3. Dapper_Denizen

    Mannzac A5

    This is my second map and i hope i improved greatly! (i also hope i packed this one correctly) please leave any and all feedback as im new and really bad!
  4. 13fabio57

    72hr Manncity a1

    map created in less then 72 hr. made for the comunity update Frontline! (you need the frontline supply drop. download it here) ps. this is also the first map i publish :D