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  1. Stiffy360

    Aspen Trees 1.0000001

    A collection of 6 aspen trees of various sizes. Includes summer, autumn, and dead varieties. It's recommended to disable self shadowing for the props, and use -staticproplighting -staticproppolys and -textureshadows for light calculation. Vrad Entries for texture shadows. forcetextureshadow...
  2. BombaSticked

    cp_cliffwood a1a

    Credits Tall Thin Pines by Diva Dan Trucks by KrazyZark Snowy Coast Assets by EArkham
  3. Ismaciodismorphus

    Woods_tree_01 snowy cool

    Messing around with qc files was nightmare but a learning experience. Anyways enjoy this snowy version of the woods_tree_01 prop!
  4. Markus1002

    Pinewood A2

    This is the first map that I've actually uploaded, and I'm looking forward to improving it in the future. The map is a King of the Hill map set in the middle of a North European boreal forest, complete with rocky terrain and possibly a lakeside view in the future. The aim of this map is to be...
  5. Princess Birchly

    Alpine Crag a4a1

    Alpine Crag is an Alpine themed MVM map taking place in a small mountainous American hunting village owned by Mann Co in order to collect expensive and endangered animal related products. Download link information: The download is a link to an external dropbox in of which it contains a ZIP...